"12 Monkeys" And Society's Perception Of Drugs

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Illegal Drugs vs. Psych Ward Drugs

The definition of drugs ranges from supposedly positive to automatically classified as negative. But who is to say which drug is bad and which drug is considered good. In the movie entitled "12 Angry Men" the director Terry Gilliam used this film to bring about an idea that I had to rethink. This movie was released on the 27 of December in 1995, this movie's genre is often questionable but for the most part it is an Action, Thriller, Sci-Fi. The two characters that the drugs affected the most were the main character James Cole played by Bruce Willis and another important character Jeffrey played by Brad Pit. Our society often contradicts themselves when it comes to distributing and using drugs correctly. Gilliam furnished this movie with many interlocking themes. But the claim here would be the use of illegal drugs in our society today vs. the use of drugs in a psych ward.

Just to briefly summarize before I begin, the main idea of this movie is James Cole comes from the future travels to the present to find information and data on the origins of a deadly virus that will nearly kill everyone on Earth. In the process of getting sent back in time James Cole gets admitted into a mental institution, being that he is a man that claims he is from the past coming to save everyone else. While in the psych ward he meets another major character Jeffery. Jeffery gets aquainted with Cole as he gives a tour of the institution. Jeffery often gets out of hand and it is made clear to us in the movie that the doctors use the drugs to control the patients. In a scene where Jeffery is having a conversation with James he again gets out of hand and is threatened with a needle filled with drugs. A drug that would put him at ease, make him non-mobile, and better controllable. Time passes by with a failure attempt to escape James Cole is brought back to his present time in the future. While the scientists on the cast question his trip one of the questions I would like to point out is Cole is asked, "How was it? Lots of drugs?"

The definition of a Drug according to dictionary.com is "A chemical substance, such as a narcotic or hallucinogen, that affects the central nervous system, causing changes in behavior and often addiction" and "A substance used in the diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of a disease or as a component of a medication." Being a controlled substance we automatically classify drugs as an illegal act that is not often accepted. In our society today you can go to jail for "possession" and "possession with intent to supply." Our generation is receiving years in jail or the misuse and...

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