20 Wishes 3 Lives Essay

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It was a cold winter day and almost everyone in town was inside. The only living thing that could be seen through the thick blanket of white snow was a girl playing in the blanket of snow itself. Her name was Glitch and she was accidentally born to the town, sort of like a glitch. Her town didn't want her, they wanted someone much more perfect, like a boy with flawless pale skin. What they got instead was a girl with light blue hair and eyes with a birthmark the shape of an enlarged snowflake. The girl looked very pretty like this, but to the world she was a mutant. "I am so sick of this hatred" Glitch stated. " I don't know what I can do to stop it though" She ran the fingers of her left hand over the birthmark. "I just can't deal with it, I just want to escape..." Suddenly, she felt something cold in her right hand.

They were snowflakes, that looked exactly like her birthmark. There were twenty of them. Now, there was two very odd things about these snowflakes. The first thing was that they were quite large for snowflakes, and the second thing was that they weren't melting, just staying cold and solid in her hand. "They are wishes" an unfamiliar voice whispered in Glitch's head. Wishes? Do those exist? "Yes they do." The voice said. "I can tell you more about them, but first, you probably want to know who I am, correct?" Obviously. " My name is Ice and I am the spirit of the mark on your face." Birthmarks have spirits? What kind of trickery is this? Really, this is kind of ridiculous. I am talking to a voice in my head about wishes and now my birthmark has a spirit?!? I think I have finally lost it. "No need to be rude, I am just doing my job as a spirit. Believe me or don't, but I'll tell you about the snowflakes anyway. Because I am so kind." Ice huffed. Okay then, go on and explain this. I don't have anywhere to go or be or something. " Okay. There are nineteen wishes you can use. You can use them for anything at all. The last one is a reset wish. It lets you undo all the wishes before it. It is the only one you have so be careful when you use it. To use a wish, put it on your birthmark and say the wish out loud. There are a couple more things that aren't as important." I still want to hear them. Tell me. "No." Ice said " I'll be back when you need me the most. Until then you can figure it out yourself, brat" and the voice was gone.

Glitch picked up one of the snowflakes, looking at it skeptically. "Do you really grant me...

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