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Time is the essence of things done and the value of things not yet seen, but if given the ability to travel through time, the possibilities become endless. Time travelling gives the ability to change the past, and alter the future, but if the expectations from the past are not the outcomes of the future, lives might change forever. The Time Machine by H.G. Wells showcases the mysteries and dangers of time travelling that entrails an adventure of a lifetime. The researcher intends to discuss the themes, symbolisms, and messages of The Time Machine by H.G. Wells.
Born on 21 September 1866 in Bromley in Kent County, England, Herbert George Wells (H.G. Wells) was the youngest of 7 children of Joseph Wells and Sarah Neal. The Wells family deteriorated due to poverty and the marriage was not that happy; Joseph and Sarah would later live separately, though neither married another. (http://www.online-literature.com/wellshg/)
His father launched a fruitless store that sells glassware and cricket equipment. Herbert’s father was also a skilled cricket player who earned sufficient money to support his family by playing cricket professionally (http://www.egs.edu/library/herbert-george-wells/biography/). Wells was born to parents who tried but failed to escape their lower class statues. His father’s earnings as a professional cricket player was the only thing that is keeping them alive, but even this failed when he was handicapped in an accident. Because of this, Wells began his vain attempts to find a job. (http://www.war-ofthe-worlds.co.uk/h_g_wells.htm).
Herbert was an avid reader at an early age but it would take some time before his skills as a writer were discovered. He went and studied in Thomas Morley’s Academy for several years before poverty forced him to drop out and look for a job. He became an apprentice to a draper, but Wells did not like his job and became a pupil-teacher at Midhurst Grammar School in 1883. When Herbert was granted a scholarship to the Normal School of Science in London, he became interested and began his studies in biology and Darwinian principles under Thomas Henry Huxley (http://www.online-literature.com/wellshg/). Class became difficult for him, so he dropped out without a degree, and in 1888, moved to London University. He was given his degree in B.S. in Zoology in 1890. (http://www.egs.edu/library/herbert-george-wells/biography/).
In 1891, he married his cousin, Isabel Mary Wells, whom he met when he moved to live with his uncle and aunt. This marriage did not turn out to be happy, and in 4 years, Wells had his second marriage with his former student, Amy Catherine Robbins. They had two sons, namely Frank Richard and George Philip. Wells had several outside affairs with other women, while he was still together with Amy. After some time, Amber Reeves gave birth to their daughter Anna Jane and Rebecca West gave birth to their son Anthony West (http://modernism.research.yale.edu/wiki/index.php/H.G._Wells).

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