A First Time Expatriates Experience In A Joint Venture In China

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In the reading "A first time expatriates experience in a joint venture in China" we have come to understand the nature and structure of the joint venture between the U.S.A. and China and the role that James Randolf played to strengthen and maintain the international partnership.

Controls Inc. was a subsidiary of the parent company Filtration Inc. and so was shielded from any outside competition. When Controls Inc. was given the charter to pursue its own business they realized the need for being cost effective as a result of which they started an operation in Singapore with the name Controls Asia-Pacific with the prime objective to have a presence in the region and to study and evaluate any possibility of a joint venture.

James has been an employee of Controls Inc. for the past 23 years with an experience in managerial positions of about 15 years. He had a keen interest in working in the Pacific Rim for which he was eventually rewarded a position of Chairman on Board (COB) at the Factory in China.

What we noticed is that due to Control's relative inexperience and lack of understanding of joint venture, James was recalled only after completing one third of his contract length, to be replaced by a relatively inexperienced employee from Singapore (Jimmy Chao). Controls Asia Pacific, in doing so, ignored the fact that they might threaten the success of the joint venture.

This case shall try and analyze what factors may have caused this pull out to occur, what may be its consequences, and what we feel should be done, in order to reinstate trust and confidence – to make the joint venture a success.

Adaptation, Acceptance and Experiences.

James had been a keen admirer of international culture and has been fascinated by the Far East. His wife Lily was of Chinese origin; Working abroad to learn about his wife's culture and background - had always been on his mind. For James, going to China was quite an exciting proposition that he had always dreamt about.
The orientation program included a look and see trip to the Chinese factory which, James thought, was poorly organized by Controls Asia-Pacific compared to US standards. Initially James was apprehensive, but quickly fit in due to his humanistic approach with his surrounding peoples. Controls Asia-Pacific was however quite unhelpful and uncooperative especially because they would not allow James to hire an expensive translator even if it meant that he had to remain without a translator which directly affected his effectiveness at work.
James instilled loyalty and exhibited leadership qualities. His high self monitoring ways ensured that the Chinese MD would also accept him as a key aspect to the success of the joint venture. James' interactions with the employees helped him learn and the employees learned from him, making the once very beaureucratic and mechanistic joint venture into a more organic and learning one. James could easily relate to the feministic culture...

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