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Stella Kowalski is a 25 year old women from Mississippi. In her teenage years she moved
to New Orleans, Louisiana. There she met and married lower-classmen Stanley Kowalski.,
whom she fell madly in love with, but maybe more in love with the sexual part of the
relationship than actually him. Stella is now pregnant with his baby, but in my opinion its not a
safe and happy situation, it’s a frightening thought really. Stella is the type of person who doesn’t
care what people think about them. To me that’s an pretty good role model characteristic. I know
myself, I care what people think about me and someone who is that way I look up to personally.
Stella is human like us all and isn’t perfect. Nobody is a role model really, but we all have things
about us that are role model characteristics. The reason she isn’t a role model is because she is
always defending her husband’s actions, she doesn’t protect her unborn baby, and she is naïve.
The reason she is a good role model is she is a positive person, she sees the best in everyone, and
she is a motherly figure.
Nobody is a role model figure but each and everyone of us has characteristics that people
should and do look up too. I like the fact that Stella acts like a motherly figure. She cares and
takes care of Blanche and Stanley. She cooks and cleans and makes sure everyone is happy and
that’s a person to look up too. She is always helping and trying to cheer up Blanche and trying to
please and make Stanley happy. What makes Stella such a motherly figure is how much of a
positive person she is. She always looks on the bright side in every situation, like when Stanley
hit her while he was having a poker night, she forgave him and made love to him afterwards. (A
Streetcar named desire, Scene 3). Not only is she a motherly figure and a positive person but she
sees the best in everyone. She sees the best in her sister Blanche. She sees that she is just a
fragile innocent women, when we know she is a whore who is a pathological liar. In Stanley she
sees that he loves her and she loves him and forgives him for all the abuse even though we all
know he is going to keep abusing her. Stella’s caring, positive, good attitude is what people
should look up too, but not all of...

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