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The Cursed MaskThe Claremont High School was having its annual field trip and this year they were headed for the Museum of History. No one ever really enjoyed going to the boring Museum of History, except the science geeks (A/N no offense to anyone!!) and the teachers, although some did fall asleep on their feet.The Museum had gotten a new exhibition on Central American and African masks, and the students were scheduled to see it as well. Just as the group of students huddled around the first set of masks, the guide started his boring blab about their history: how it was created, why, and with what purpose. Strangely, the guide skipped an unusual looking mask; it was made of plain wood, with just one carving on its forehead. The carving looked like a crooked "J". One of the students raised her hand and asked the guide why they had skipped that mask. The guide shivered slightly, and straightened himself. Then he said: "This is a cursed mask, people" in a monotonous voice "it was found in The Amazons, and it had the ticket of killing more then 30 natives in the record of one week." At the sound of this some people laughed, incredulous, and some others gasped. He went on "The Natives were eager to give it away, because of it's cursing existence, and our archeologists were deaf about it's legend; they never believed that this mask could be cursed, or that the curse" he quoted these words with his fingers "could actually kill them. But as they found out, one of them put the mask on and it sucked his eyes and tongue out, and hadn't it been gross enough, it gave him schizophrenia-" But he was interrupted by another boy, who asked how come he died if he was only insane."Like I was saying before I got interrupted by corrupted minds" and he shot a look of loath to the boy who had interrupted him before "he got schizophrenic and jumped off from the top of this same building. Now if you will let me, we will explore the other safer masks. Please follow" and he went on with his boring speech.* * *One of the students, the first girl who had asked why they skipped that mask, got a click on interest on the mask. She gathered information from around the museum, and looked in books from the gift shop. She got lots of information, except one tiny but important detail: what did the crooked "J" meant!Finally, she just went and stared at the mask, as if waiting for the mask to tell her. This old frail looking man came up to her and also observed the mask. His eyes narrowed to almost closed slits, and the grunted. Unexpectedly, the man spoke to her, not leaving the sight of the gruesome mask:"I see you are eager to learn about this mask. If I were in your shoes I wouldn't be so happy to learn. If I must tell, it was my fault the natives got this mask, but I shouted and barked to them to destroy the damned thing, but they thought it could represent one of their gods. Good idea if it hadn't been for the curse it carried. From where and from who came the curse, I don not...

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1123 words - 4 pages , codification, ritualistic elements and artifice......that transformed the old folk tale of terror into the modern horror story.The distinction between horror and terror is a useful one here, and was first made many years previously by an early practitioner of the gothic revival, Ann Radcliffe. In her critical appraisal 'On the Super-natural in Poetry' (1816), she wrote that terror "expands the soul, and awakens the faculties to a high degree of life

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2187 words - 9 pages . As a consequence neither side will be safe or secure as violence and terror would corrupt them both. In A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, the author employs satire, symbolism, and irony to emphasize the social/economic inequality between the wealthy and the poor. The inequality is revealed by Dicken’s satirical description of the lifestyles of Monsignor of Chocolate and the Marquis Evrémonde. In contrast with the people in the wine cask

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634 words - 3 pages "The Tell-Tale Heart" is a short story authored by Edgar Allan Poe in which the underlining theme of evil becomes contradictory. Throughout Poe's passages are various instances of the illogical and unreasonable. In particular, the evil is pointed out by the narrator as being a physical evil. However, progression of the story conveys an immediate contrast of a hidden inner evil.Starting off the narrator claims his sanity, "You fancy me mad. But

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613 words - 2 pages Edgar Allan Poe was a famous American author who specialised in short story and gothic fiction. One of Poe’s most famous works was The Tell-Tale Heart which explores murder, mental illness, cruelty and horror. The viewer becomes aware of the unprovoked mental challenges between characters which heightens the tension and fear, as darkness envelops the reader and the strong beating of a heart gradually grows louder. In order to create a more

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