A Treaty Built On Quicksand Essay

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The Treaty of Versailles, signed in 1919, was made upon at the end of the World War I; the purpose of this treaty was to create a peace between the Allied Powers and Germany. However, as it’s witnessed, greed won over peace. The Allied powers chose vengeance against Germany, instead of world peace. They decided to strip Germany of their land, military forces, and make them pay significant reparations for all the destruction that happened because of the war. This angered Germany and fueled Hitler to rise to power. Although the world has taken note of what happened and learned from history, we are witnessing the same mistakes being made that might lead to another world war. The Non-Proliferation Treaty today reflects similar aspects as the treaty of Versailles, and we need to learn from those mistakes to prevent any future conflict. The treaty of Versailles prevented Germany from being able to defend its country and rebuild a strong economy, and in the same way the Non-Proliferation Treaty prevents Iran from building a strong military while limiting Iran’s economic growth, so in order to prevent potential conflicts the Non-Proliferation Treaty has to be revised.
As most historians would argue Militarism is one of the main causes of the First World War. Militarism is the belief that a country should have a strong military. A strong military needs the most powerful weapons in order to be considered strong and be able to defend the country from the enemy. As of the 21st century one of the most powerful weapons is the nuclear weapon. Just like any other country Iran has the right to be able to defend itself against any threat. In the same way the Treaty of Versailles isolated countries leading them to feel unsafe and unprotected, the Non-Proliferation Treaty makes less powerful countries feel inferior. In the Versailles treaty Germany’s army was reduced by 100,000 men; the army was not allowed tanks, an air force, or a navy. The Rhineland was also made into a demilitarized zone, which had been under German’s control. The NPT, similarly, prevents Iran from developing nuclear weapons and strengthening its military like other powerful countries. This is going to cause Iran to be in a position where national security is in question which may lead to potential war.
Every country is always looking ways to improve their economy and nuclear energy is one way to enhance a country’s economy. Nuclear energy can be used as a reliable source of electricity, in contrast to fossil fuels such as gas and oil, nuclear energy requires less amount of fuel to produce large quantities of energy, which will improve the economy of a country by saving large amount of money. Despite Iran’s promise to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, the Non-Proliferation...

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