Abraham As The Ideal Man Of Faith In The Holy Bible

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Abraham as the Ideal Man of Faith

The question is frequently asked, “What does it mean to have faith?” “What does it mean to be faithful?” The path to righteousness has always been one paved in good faith, and this is a well-known fact. The ideal man of faith, it can be reasoned, would be the man who was the most suitable spiritual companion for God. This would be someone with whom God could speak with, and fulfill his wishes for human beings there within.  God would not simply want a servant, but a friend who would walk through his life with God. This is a hard man to find. One place worshippers of God are always certain to look for an example is the Bible. The Old Testament offers many differing examples of men of faith. Some men of faith closely looked at in the Old Testament are Abraham, Noah, and Job. Abraham can be viewed as the ideal man of faith because his relationship with God exceeded those of Noah and Job. His relationship was ideal in that there was true communication and a mutual respect. While Noah and Job were men of faith, their relationships were not ideal because Noah did not truly communicate and Job lacked both respect and trust for the Lord.

Abraham was God’s chosen “father of all nations.” He and God shared a relationship that no other man ever shared with God. God says to Abraham:

I will make of you a great nation,          

                        And I will bless you;

                        I will make your name great,

                        So that will be your blessing.

                        I will bless those who bless you

                        And curse those who curse you.

                        All the communities of the earth

                        Shall find blessing in you.           (Gn 12:6)

God saw something in Abraham that he did not see in the rest of humanity, and he wished to have this ideal relationship with Abraham. Abraham exhibited every quality that a faith-filled person should have. When God asked him to sacrifice his son, Abraham trusted in God to take care of his son and obeyed. But also, Abraham felt enough faith that he was able to converse with God and occasionally ask a question, instead of just receiving orders. After God said that Sarah, at an extremely old age, would bear a son, Abraham asked God if it was possible. When God wished to destroy Sodom, Abraham had the courage in his relationship with God to intercede on Sodom’s behalf. Abraham was not just another one of God’s servants; he was much more.

Noah’s lifestyle can be seen as one of strict obedience and observance to God’s law. From the moment that God informed Noah that he was going to destroy his creation, Noah did all that God asked of him. In an instant he was ready to pack up his family, his belongings, and trust in God to take care of everything. Never did Noah question God’s judgment; God said the world needed to perish, so the world needed to perish. There could be no...

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