Accuracy Of Data Input Is Important. What Method Of Data Input Would Be Best For Each Of The Following Situations And Explain Why?

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Accuracy of data input is important. What method of data input would be best for each of the following situations and explain why:a. Printed questionnairesKeyboard; aside from avoiding uncertainty from unclear handwriting or other methods, and because "...most input data consists of letters and numbers. In addition, people are usually familiar with how to use keyboards and with the layout of the keys. Thus, little training is required for users to become familiar with keyboards" (Nickerson, pg. 75 of view-text)b. Telephone surveyTouch-tone (keypad) input. Also considered a keyboard by the text, so the cite still applies here for reasoning.c. Bank checksOptical Scanning Input device; MICR OCR print allows for a quick scan and routing of the check to the proper bank and branch - today's stores take checks, input the amount into a keypad (see a and b) and scan them through the check reader making it similar to an ATM transaction.d. Retail tagsOptical Scanning Input device; Bar-coding allows for easy data-read for inventory and pricing purposes - without the bar code the cash register would be a pretty big calculator with a drawer.e. Long documentsFunny - I just finished attempting to explain typewriters to my daughter. Ideally a good voice-recognition software would be ideal to get the bulk, using a keyboard only for tweaking, editing, and formatting as needed (because one of the drawbacks to a keyboard is, of course, carpal-tunnel). But due to the nature of the business world (edits, re-edits, additional input, removed sections) the keyboard is going to be the way to go.Convenience and quality of output are important. Explain what method of output would be best for each of the following situations and explain why:a. Hand held computerWireless data transfer - the whole point of a hand-held is mobility, and if you cannot be mobile with data transfer then it is basically a pocket post-it note.b. Color photographPhoto-quality printer. Actually my personal favorite is putting my digital stick into the machine at Sam's Warehouse and picking out which prints I want (high convenience, medium quality). I don't like the idea of paying for a super-high dpi printer and with its maintenance and ink-eating demands to print them at home.c. ResumeHigh-resolution and high-definition on heavy, quality paper can be had at any local Kinko's, for the good hands-on presentation; in today's world a resume should also be easily scan-able and this is a factor to consider when selecting font, paper, and more, for the final output.d. MemorandumE-mail if it is available to all recipients (save the forests!), otherwise a quick print on draft resolution and however many copies are needed can be made with any basic copier.e. Statistical reportLetter quality printer; although actually depends on the audience - softcopy if handing the information off to someone who will leverage it for other purposes; power-point or something similar in person if you need to explain the results,...

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