Adoration In Assemblage Essay

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“What makes a movie a movie is the editing” - Zach Staenberg

The technique of establishing the rhythm and the emotion of characters in a film is the conceptual tenor of Editing. It is appraised as the final stage of filmmaking that is considered to be a hidden art, an under-appreciated art. The literal interpretation inside a script is perceived through assembling the story in rhythmic format itself is an aesthetic art that becomes invisible.

“Editor’s work is to be invisible” - Thelma Schoonmaker

It is a bizarre actuality that an invisible task gets inside the act of aesthetics. This exquisite art of invisibility started when the script had a range of continuity, implying actions moving from one sequence into another. In the olden days, director’s and cameramen foremost conviction of shooting a scene was not to lose an uninterruptedness flow, so that a sequence cannot lose its tenor. Consequently bringing that flow without any interrupting factors and furnishing the rhythm through ‘editing’ were considered to be the classical, nostalgic and vehemence.

"Unlike the stage play with its constant flow of action and dialogue from the same viewing position, this deliberate breaking down of sequences into punctuated camera angles created a new dimension of pictorial interpretation." - Walter

This methodology was deliberate, unhurried which created a prolonged version of scenes that took the viewers to recognise what is happening without making them to hypothesise. This recognition with the viewers made them not to analyse the cuts but to revolve with the sequence, that brought the tactical editing invisible which still is an aesthetic art of filmmaking.

“The editor needs to have a rigorous discipline, to know why you're doing the picture; it's about sensitivity and selectivity”

There took place an enormous change in filmmaking that has been digitalised with computers and software where Camera Obscura got transfigured to a digital camera, Moviola transformed to non-linear as well linear video editing. The digital changes in filmmaking correlates with the making in ease than before. This transmutation has transferred the range of actuality in aesthetics. Digitalised conversation not only changed the equipment but also has changed so called classical editing into post-classical editing.

The post-classical editing introduced differences in continuity. These days, according to the facet of editing, ‘continuity’ engages into the major consideration like before. Being technically explained, it can be as important as emotional accuracy but not the actual continuity. In other words, if the emotion of a scene is delivered as the script depicts, though the sequential flow getting dropped, it implicates the real range of continuity. Deserved to this new idea, range of different cuts was introduced that became the real elucidation of an emotion. Different cuts such as jump cuts, placing dissolves and fades, matched cuts and so on. Such cuts were...


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