Alaska Wilde Chapter 10 Essay

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Chapter Ten -- Trial by Fire

Allie watched as the other boar that had been standing next to it, inhaled sharply and then do pretty much the same thing as the other boar.
"What the hell?" she asked, but let out a loud whoop.
"What's going on over there?" Jay yelled. The whoop sounded surprised. Or was it fearful?
"I don't know. They looked at me, their eyes crossed, and then they passed out."
"I thought you said you were only going to pee."
"Ha ha," she said, but actually felt like laughing out loud.
A short distance away, two other boars began swaying on their feet. A moment later, they dropped like rocks.
"I think the ones that are dropping are the ones that ate my Femmcaps."
"All right." He didn't say anything else for a long while. "Maybe you should take a minute and think about what that means."
"Go to hell, Widford," she told him with a laugh.
The sound of his laughter was at the same time odd because of their circumstances, but it still sounded sexy somehow. What is going on with me? she wondered.
Most of the boars seemed to be squatting oddly in the middle of the crater. Jay must have noticed it, too, because she saw him slowly and cautiously move his head out of his groove to survey the area.
A different, sleeker boar appeared from the very back of the crater and rushed over to Jay, sending a shower of dirt clumps in its wake.
"It's dripping wet," he called over to her. "And do you see how it looks different than the others? I think it's a she instead of a he."
"Good to know you can tell the difference," she said, unable to keep the grin from her face, even though he knew he probably couldn't see it from where he was.
"I could be legally blind and tell the difference, smart ass," he called back. "This one also had nubs instead of tusks. But the most interesting thing I saw before I was so rudely interrupted by your insulting assessment of my manly powers of deduction was an opening of some sort in the end wall."
Widford was sharp. And she really liked the way he could make fun of himself without actually putting himself down like some insecure big city boy. She really needed to quit being so hard on him.
"Here comes another one. Check it out."
Allie watched for the boar to come into sight. It was most definitely smaller and didn't have tusks, although it had little rounded nubs where tusks should have been. This one, too, was wet. It joined the other boar in front of Jay.
"You do have a way with the ladies," she couldn't resist saying.
"Just not the one I want to have my way with."
Allie felt her eyebrows rise. It sounded like Jay was flirting with her again. He wasn't her type and he was always screwing things up, but he was slowly but surely growing on her. She sure hoped they lived long enough to see if this weird thing between them went anywhere.
"If you thought they smelled bad when they were dry, you ought to smell 'em now."
"I'll take your word for it," she told him in a distracted voice as she...

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