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Since 1901, the Nobel Prize has honored men and women worldwide for his or her achievements whose work had been of the greatest benefit to mankind. It is a little known fact that the man who created the Nobel Peace Prize was the inventor of dynamite. Nobel’s dynamite was an extraordinary invention, with this invention we are now able to build roads, ports, bridges, mines, tunnels, and for the use of war.
Alfred Nobel was born in Stockholm in the year 1833. When Nobel was five years old, his father Immanuel Nobel moved their family to St. Petersburg. There he started a mechanical workshop for the construction of land mines. Ever since Nobel was young, he has been around explosives, and this is where it all started (Usselman 439). Immanuel Nobel’s sons were home schooled by great teachers. These teachers taught at the level of university professors. They were taught subjects on humanity, natural science, literature, and philosophy. Nobel and his brothers learned Russian, French, English and German (Frangsmyr). The professors stressed on the learning of physics and chemistry. As suspected, Nobel took a great interest in chemistry. Nobel spent most of his prime in the capital of Russia. Learning five languages allowed Nobel to adapt to the international nature that would soon become so important in his life (Frangsmyr).
Nobel spent a year in Paris with Jules Pelouze, the most famous chemist at that time. Throughout this year, Nobel completed his guidance as a chemist. Nobel was now about to invent what would become one of the greatest inventions of his life. In 1847, an Italian student of Pelouze discovered a new explosive. He originally called pyroglycerine. Pyroglycerine is also known as nitroglycerine. This explosive was labeled as highly explosive, and also almost impossible to handle (Frangsmyr).
With his interest in explosives, Nobel began a study the new compound, nitroglycerine. After the Crimean War, in 1856, his father’s company went bankrupt because it manufactured war material. Nobel’s parents and his younger brother Emil moved back to Sweden. The three older sons stayed in St. Petersburg to reconstruct the company. A partner at the company, Nikoali Zinin, reminded them about the nitroglycerine compound that they had once forgotten about. As soon as they were reminded, Nobel started to experiment on the compound again. He learned that by dropping the solution on an anvil, and striking it with a hammer would create a loud bang. There was a problem with his fluid. Only the liquid connected to the hammer...

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