Amritsar Is The Spiritual Capital Of The Sikhs

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Amritsar is the spiritual capital of the Sikhs, home to Sikhism's holiest shrine, gaining its name that means 'Holy Pool of Nectar', from the surrounding body of water around the Golden Temple. Moving away from the famous Golden Temple, you can witness the mos humbling sights, hyperactive streets, traffic noise, air-pollution and congestion.
The city is divided in two by couple of railway lines. The old city contains the Temple and various other fascinating historic sites bound by 12 gates. Touring this part is quite captivating. To the north, a modern Amritsar has grown spreading a colonial grid. Explore gleaming malls, plush hotels and the corporate world. The auto rickshaw and cycle rickshaws do the trick by crossing between the old and the new.
Amritsar climate is very much like the Indian cities of the North Western belt showering extreme conditions with hot summers and freezing winters. The summer (April to August) is hot and dry with temperatures rising close to 43°C. During winters, from November to March mercury drops to 0°C, or even below that.
#When to Go
The best time to visit Amritsar is between November and March, when the weather is pleasant and just perfect for sightseeing. However, sometimes the temperature can drop to -4°C. One can even visit the city from April to June, before the cool showers hit Amritsar and dusts off the heat. Many would love to experience the rain that pours from July to October, bringing relief to the city. The weather is perfect and pleasant.

#5 Attractions
#Places to Visit
Amritsar is a wonderful tourist destination in India. Also known as “the holy city”, an ideal destination for those who love to explore Indian history and food. Good food, good times and a vibrant history of Punjab lie there in Amritsar. There are many car rental companies available all over the city.
Buses are also a good medium of transport but are chaotic and should be tried for visitors wanting a dose of adventure. Taxis are also a decent mode to explore the city and giving you a great holidaying experience.
Amritsar is famous around the world for its historical monuments and gardens. The Golden Temple, which is considered as the holiest of holy by the Sikhs, is a must visit site. Amritsar is the spiritual and cultural heart of the Sikh religion. The city's name means 'pool of nectar', which pays tribute to Amritsar's most famous attraction, the Golden Temple.
Other places are - Akal Takhat, Tower of Baba Atal Rai, Jallianwala Bagh, Durgiana Temple, Summer Place of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, Khalsa College & Guru nanak Dev University, Goindwal, Khadur Sahib, Ram Tirath, Harike Wetland, Baba Bakala, Dera Baba Jaimal Singh and much more.

#Places to Eat
A true foodie can spend days in the land of butter, ghee and other rich gourmet delights that has given Amritsari cuisine a special niche. Some of the restaurants and dhabas may not have ambience, but they are truly legends.
Kesar da Dhaba - Your hunger will get you...

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