The Controversy Of Approving The Dream Act

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Over the past few years the controversy of approving the Dream Act has been a topic that seems to not have an end. About ten years ago, young Ivan Nikolov immigrated from Russia with his mother, and missed a court date a year after they arrived. Nikolov's mother was married to a U.S citizen, yet she was deported back to Russia. Charged for an immigration violation Nikolov sat in prison for three months, however he did not commit a single crime or had a choice to stay in the U.S without legal statues. Nikolov grew up in Michigan, went to an American school and graduated from an school there, he spoke very little Russian, and was engaged to a U.S citizen. Nikolov considered himself an American, yet he was getting deported to a country that would force him to join the military or be put in prison(“Background Briefing” 1). All though it is understood that coming to this country illegally is against the law, more than half of these immigrants have no choice but stay with their parents. Most of these immigrants work hard to be top students in their classes and the majority of them fulfill their dreams of graduating with high grades. The ‘’Dreamers’’ have been fighting for over a decade now to have the approval of the Dream Act, so that education and acceptance in the military for alien minors would be improved.
The Development , Relief, and Education for Alien Minors, “DREAM” (‘’Dream Act’’3), gives the opportunity to illegal immigrants that were brought to the U.S as children to fulfill the American dream and give them a six year path to citizenship (‘’House Approves’’1). The Dream Act is a decade old bill, first introduced in 2001 having 216-198 votes from the House of Representatives and sent to the Senate, but it has not seemed to improve. The lack of legal status stop, these young hard working people from increasing their education or enrollment in the military.The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or ‘’DACA’’ is the most recent bill passed in favor of the Dreamers. Eliminating the fear of deportation, students between the age 15-31 with at least five year in the U.S.A, in school, graduated, obtained a GED or have served in the military and have a clean criminal record. Would have the opportunity to continue their lives in America with a working permit that would have to be renewed every two years (‘’Dream Act’’2).
The Dream or Nightmare Act, while there are many people that are 100% for this approval, there are others that think, if this is approved it would increase the number of illegal immigrants coming into the country (‘’Opposition To’’1). Would this be giving amnesty to criminals? When they have no other choice but to follow their parents, they do not know what is to come for them, and they do not know they will be coming into a world that might never accept them. Yet, they do everything in their power to become what many think is impossible, overcoming adversity and proving a point. They are what their hard work made them, not...

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