Apa Manual: Ch. 3 Review

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Chapter 3 of the APA Publication Manual was a reminder of many grammatical and writing issues need to be focused on when writing manuscripts and reports. As a professional it is important to know how to be clear and concise in what is being said. It is important to understand that as a school counselor writing and precision are necessary. Chapter 3 focuses on the organization, writing style, reduction of bias in language, grammar and grammar usage.
Organization is pertinent when writing a report, manuscript, review, or any other form of written paper. Things to focus on with the organization are the length, headings, and seriation. The length should be based upon the main points. The points should be stated clearly and concisely. They should not be wordy, therefore, the written manuscript should not be too long. The headings in an APA manuscript have a five level format. The main level is to be centered, capitalized and have bold print. Subheading level 2 should be all the way left, bold, capitalized and lower case heading. Level 3 should be indented, bold, and have a lowercase paragraph heading with a period. Level 4 is the same as level 3 except that the words are italicized. Level 5 should be indented, italicized, and have a lowercase paragraph heading with a period. Seriation is important because it is used to help with understanding key points. It is used to separate lists. There are a few ways that seriation is used. The most common use of seriation is the use of commas. Seriation can be used by using bullets. Bullets are used in lists when there are separate paragraphs explaining the elements in the series. Lower case letters are use within a sentence when there is a series of elements being used in one sentence.
Writing style is to be used and focuses on the use of clearly communicating information. There should be a continuity and smoothness within the written manuscript. Correct punctuation and spelling will help with continuity of a manuscript. Punctuation...

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