Are Teenagers Hidden Behind Their School Uniforms?

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I want you to take a minute and picture this – you are in a classroom full of thirty, maybe more, children, all are wearing black trousers or skirts and a white shirt accompanied by their schools tie. They’re all sitting at their desks with their notepads and pens in front of them and they all look exactly the same, each and every one of them. They all look like a copy of the other. You can’t tell who the kid is with the 80s music taste, you can’t tell who the kid is that’s extremely good at art. They’re all a blank canvas brought to look like one another all because of the uniform they are being forced to wear. Does this seem right to you? That every single child in the classroom looks exactly like the other one? That they’re being forced to have a certain image just because of the uniform they have to wear? Of course it is not! Each and every one of them is unique and different in many ways so why force them to look the same in a society where standing out from the crowd is one of the hardest things to do and be portrayed as something they are not? Is it truly fair to force each and every one of them to wear the exact same uniform to school making them look exactly like their peer’s? At this teenage age it is believed that the majority of children have ‘found’ themselves and they are comfortable with who they are so why are schools then forcing them to wear uniforms and taking away any sense of being themselves that child had? School’s all across Glasgow claim to let each of their pupils learn in an environment where they are freely able to express themselves but with a uniform in place is this really the case and are they really able to do that? No, they are absolutely not. In this society it means everything to someone to be happy with who they are so if wearing certain clothes is the key to that then why are school’s not enforcing it and turning a blind eye?
Now I’m sure you are aware, just as much as me, that school’s apparently set a uniform to prevent bullying if a child is less deprived than the other. But whilst it is possible that the odd child could want designer clothes to wear to school it is highly unlikely and certainly not like every child’s parent apart from one would be willing to pay a fortune for designer clothes that there child would just wear to school, therefore meaning it would not just make one child stand out for not having such designer clothing. Also, children wanting designer and branded labels can spread all throughout their life and not just in school, even with a...

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