Are The Computer Games Dangerous Media For User?

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Nowadays, computer games are one of the most favorite media for the people in the world. There are many people who worry about this issue and blame on games as the result of increasing violence in user. On the other hand, there are many people still believe that computer games are good media that can help user improve their skills and help them relax. Now, I will show you both negative and positive side of computer games. Why some people go against them, and some people support them.
First, I will talk about the computer games and the increasing of violence in user. According to Mahaarcha (2011) the researcher of Mahidol University, there are many times that the violence of people has been connect to computer games. There is much news in Thailand that people directly blame on computer games when they do violence thing. For example, the gang of teenager robs and kills taxi-driver, claims as they seen in computer games. Children in high-school, fight each other as they imitate from computer games. “It’s just the plea to avoid their fault” He said. There are many Medias that show violence nowadays, for example, television, movies, book and magazine. It’s true that some violence games may stimulate peoples aggressive, yet, it’s up to peoples thinking, emotional, and environment per person too. There are many research shows us that it is very small relation between computer games and violence in people. According to Ferguson (2010) the research in Mexico shows us that 40% of user in this country plays violence games. On the other hand, only 7% of them show increasing violence. In addition, the researcher found that violence games can help user relax from stress, make them happier and help them avoid fighting in real life (Kutner, Olson & Johnson, 2008).

Second, there are many people who believe that playing computer games is such a waste of time and have no any benefit. On the other hand, many people argue that computer games can help people improve many skills. According to Shiels (2008) the Electronic Software Association reports that 65% of American...

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