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Without art, the world would be a vast empty void of uncreative, unimaginative, non-colourful, bland society; Toast with no butter or topping; boring, life-draining death of the mind. Art is absolutely everywhere in everyday society, yet goes almost unnoticed and unappreciated by some; television, movies, music, stories, billboards, ads, even clothes and jewellery. These are all symbols of art or art in there own right, and without the Arts, there would be none of this. Art has created all these things that go unappreciated, has changed all the unimaginative, has manipulated the place we live into a more beautiful and wonderful place to live. And without support, of all the Arts, then society as a whole will die a little every time art is lost.

The Arts is a study in to creativity of people and culture as a whole, taken on by the artist. Without support for the artist, there would be no continuation of the Arts, and art as a whole. Haviland writes: "art is the creative use of the human imagination to interpret, understand, and enjoy life" (1990, p.383). Art is an intrinsic part of society; stories we tell, myths, legends, folk lore, paintings, even the way we speak can be seen as art. Dating back to even the Palaeolithic days, art was used to tell a story, paintings on rock walls of battles, stories of animals and there surroundings. Feder writes "In there paintings, produced from 31000 years ago to 10000 years ago, the artists of upper Palaeolithic hive willed us to evocative images of their natural surroundings and, at the same time, whispered to us of their intellectual world" (1996, p.219). Art tells us who they were and what they did for survival, for entertainment, for religion; everything is linked to art and the Arts. The arts is the school of artistic thought, and without the arts, art would never have existed.

Without Art, and therefore without the Arts; anthropological research into behaviour of human life from any era in history would be greatly diminished; society would be without soul, without art, without music, without theatre, or any form of fictional writing and storytelling. Haviland writes "art reflects the cultural values and concerns of a people. This is especially true of the verbal arts - myths, legends, and tales" (1990, p.383). He also states that "Myth, set standards for orderly behaviour, and the verbal arts generally transmit and preserve a cultures customs and values" (1990, p.383). So if asked who benefits from the Arts then the answer must surely be all of us; without the arts, we would never have stories of our past, or even learn from our past mistakes, or triumphs. Without the Arts, there would be no great writers, painters, or musicians; no Shakespeare, no Picasso, no Beethoven; we would have no...

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