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Almost anywhere in the world today, ridicule and wisecracks are heard about America's problem with obesity. Americans have recently taken a concerned look in the mirror and realized that measures must be put in place to fix the issue. The most popular advances include educating the public, promoting healthy diets, and motivating people to exercise. These seemingly reasonable and harmless implications took to society like flames grasping to dead tree branches in a furious attempt to reach new heights. At first, it was positive and productive. However, it soon took an unfortunate turn for the worst when healthy messages were replaced with body shaming. Now, America has its hands full of people ...view middle of the document...

Health is quite tricky. Every human being is unique. There is no one diet that will work for everyone. Yet, people are constantly trying to adapt themselves to new diets that don't make any sense. Cutting out entire food groups from your nutrition is never a healthy thing to do. The body demands a balance of each one. People on such diets as the famous Atkins diet will find it extremely difficult to achieve any stable success. Another largely believed "health tip" is to control portion sizes. Often people accept being told that stomachs are only as large as a fist. Yes, an empty stomach is quite small, however, it was designed to have room for stretching. What the body was not designed for is a low number of calories. Anorexia is just as unhealthy as obesity except society encourages the former. In the early stages of anorexia friends and family will congradulate them on the weight loss, providing positive feedback to the disorder. Cleanses and weightloss supplements are extremely popular in America because Americans are so paraniod they are willing to try anything. Eating disorders are the cause of hundrends of thousands of deaths in America. Chemicals that people are putting into their bodies are finding that liver failure and death come along with the slighty faster metabolism Instead of healthy diets, people are swallowing perverse ideas about staying thin at any cost.
Looking at any city the growing popularity of gyms is evident. New exercise centers are growing and always advertizing memberships. It seems every media outlet agrees that working out will always help a person loose body fat. Many T.V. shows and news stations have programs or special events that promote exercising for good health. However, the importance of moderation and...

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