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Dreams occur every night. While they are not always remembered, it has been proven they transpire. So what is the importance of dreams? What do they say about a person? Antonio Marez, from Rudolfo Anaya's debut novel Bless Me, Ultima has asked himself the same questions plenty of times. Through Antonio, the author presents to the reader dreams he has throughout the novel. Rudolfo uses Tony's dreams to direct a message to the reader about life's difficulties and the struggles a person goes through during his/her lifetime.

Tony has a total of eleven dreams in the entire novel. In the beginning he is dreaming about the aspirations his parents have for him and how they clash with the opportunities being introduced to him. First he thought there was just his religion, Catholicism. Then, Ultima and her magic contradict almost all of those beliefs about God, and Florence later in the novel, who is an atheist, does not believe in anything at all. Being just under seven, in the first chapters of this novel, he is curious about everything he sees and asks everyone a lot of questions. He wants answers to the violence he sees during his childhood and constantly is being tested of his faith and inner beliefs, and his dreams reveal his torn attitudes to each of these sources. In Tony's last dream all three beliefs he has been exposed to have been annihilated, "Everything I believed in was destroyed. A painful wrenching in my heart made me cry aloud, "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me!" And as the three figures departed, my pesadilla they cried out longingly. We live when you dream, Tony, we live only in your dreams- "(244). Rudolfo allows Tony at this point to realize that he cannot rely on other people telling him what to believe. Tony recognizes this and comes to an understanding that he alone has to make his own decisions. In this final dream it implies that not every question can be answered. Not every difficulty or obstacle that is thrown in one's path throughout a lifetime can always be understood. Sometimes life is about not finding the missing pieces to the puzzle. When Tony is speaking with his father about him going to live with his mother's brothers, he asks him why he is able to send him off so easily, "It does not matter," he answered regretfully, "you will still be with the men, in the fields, and that is what matters. Oh, I would have liked to have sent you to the IIano, this is the way of life I knew, but I think that way of life is just about gone; it is a dream. Perhaps it is time we gave up a few of our dreams---"(247). When his father is finally able to...

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