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Blood to blood relations often hold an extensive amount of care and love among different individuals. First of all, the development of the relationship between Sethe and Denver shows how blood to blood relations carry the care and love for each other that no other person can bear. In the novel Beloved, Denver is the daughter of Sethe and one of the most important persons in Sethe’s life family. The house 124 in Bluestone Road has only two residents in it, the protagonist Sethe and her daughter Denver. Both Sethe and Denver creates an amazingly strong bond between each other. In Sethe’s whole life, she has only witnessed people getting away from her, for example her husband Halle, her mother-in-law Baby Suggs, and her two sons Howard and Buglar. However, Denver is the only person who is staying with her all the time. The care shown by Denver for her mother is incredible. She is one of those daughters who would sacrifice anything at any time for her mother. Although Denver gets emotional when she remembers that she has no friends and she does not know any another residents around their house, she buries all her emotions and sorrows when she reminisces that she has her mother beside her all the time who brought her to this world. She knows that her mother fills her heart with everything. She also knows that her mother Sethe sacrificed a lot when she (Denver) was an infant. Sethe also informed Denver how she fought against many obstructions when Denver was in her womb. All these situations make them precious to each other. As a mother, Sethe has done astonishing activities which makes Sethe a star as well as a role model in Denver’s eyes. The love and sacrifices from Sethe for her daughter Denver is illustrated in the following quote,

All I knew was I had to get my milk to my baby girl. Nobody was going to nurse her like me. Nobody was going to get it to her fast enough, or take it away when she had enough and didn’t know it. Nobody knew that she couldn’t pass her air if you held her up on you shoulder, only if she was lying on my knees. Nobody knew that but me and nobody had her milk but me. (Morrison, 16)

The abovementioned quote illustrates the love of Sethe for her daughter even though she was in a difficult situation. This quote is analyzed through Psychoanalytic theory as Sethe shows a mentality of denying the situations she was in through. The situation she was in is very ruthless because she knows that as she is an African American, she will be tortured by the white people if they find her out. Therefore, she sends Denver with a group of people who will stay in a safe place where nothing can harm them. She takes that action for her daughter’s protection. However, after sending her little child, Sethe is much tensed of her daughter because she knows that only she can feed her baby and take care of her. Even...

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