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Leo , Eve and Amber gather up their equipment and head out the front door quickly. Amber insists she drive, Eve made her way to the backseat and Leo took shotgun. They drove a couple miles with nobody saying a word, still thinking of what transpired recently. They came to a crossroad that had a sign that pointed east. Richard and Phillips Gas and Snack 5 miles ahead.

"That's the gas station lets head that way and make camp for the night." Leo states pointing to the eastward

They began heading east onto a dusty, desolate path lined with ditches running between two corn fields. Amber looks in the rearview mirror and notices Eve reading a magazine that was surprisingly in readable condition.

"What you got there Eve?" Amber asks.

" Flat abs and a great butt, how I got thin fast." Eve said perplexed as she glances momentarily to look outside the window.

"Must be nice to care about only your looks." Eve says

Leo laughs "Well when you don't have zombies trying to eat you society can afford to worry about superficial things."

"Superficial? Oh like how you helped me back in Syracuse because you thought I was hot?"

"I thought we already went over this Amber? Why do you insist that I only helped you because of that?" Leo states un amused

Amber looks back at Eve who had a smirk on her face.

"Yeah for the most part what Leo said is correct except for Leo. Zombie Apocalypse or not he still cares about physical appearance even though his clothes are dirty and hasn't bathed in I don't know how long."

Eve laughs and Leo lets out a sigh and rolls his eyes. He reaches in his backpack beneath his feet and pulls out a cigarette. He rolls down the window and lights it and takes a big hit. He then turns on the radio which only played static to his disappointment.

"So Eve how old are you?" Amber asks

"13" Eve responds

"So are your parent's with Zion?"

Eve closes her magazine and stares out the window.

"My mom died giving birth to me and my dad is a preacher for Zion."

"Preacher?!" Leo says surprised

So what does he preach about?" Amber asks

Eve laughs

"That this is punishment for not believing in God bullshit. He also comforts people saying those who believe in the lord will be spared."

"I take it he knows about your umm condition?" Leo asks while he flicks his cigarette out the window.

"What me being infected but immune, yeah he knows and he disowned me when he found out and called me the devil's child."

"Okay! That is enough story time for today!" Amber said abruptly.

Moments later they pull up to the gas station. The windows were boarded up and was surrounded by scattered garbage dumpsters and old tires. The place has a hand painted sign on the fuel pump, Richard and Phillip are not here! Amber pulls up into the cracked cement lot and turns off the headlights to avoid detection. Night has fallen and Leo opens the door and pulled out his flashlight and desert eagle. Amber cuts off the engine seconds later and they both...

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