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As I wearily sat in my seat, writing an essay on the importance of electricity in the modern world, I caught myself glancing repeatedly at the clock that was so carefully perched above the teacher’s desk. “Ten minutes, only ten more minutes left until school is over and I get to go home!” I told myself. In most schools, the average school day is about eight hours long. Eight hours of continuously sitting in a chair taking notes during lectures, doing classwork, projects, etc. During these eight hours of school, students deserve a short, outdoor break in which they can isolate themselves from the stress of working all day and just relax. Studies have shown that people who take short breaks throughout the day to do light, outdoor breaks are more productive than those who do not. A short, outdoor break will benefit students due to the fact that students will have time to relax; students will be able to focus more, concentrate, and be more productive; and teachers will have more time to prepare for the next class coming.

A short, outdoor break will benefit students by allowing them to relax. Students get stressed by the workload handed to them in classrooms. Sometimes, this stress results in the students’ minds wandering, being disrespectful to their peers and their teachers, etc. By allowing students an outdoor break, they can withdraw themselves from the pressures of schoolwork. An outdoor break does mean that the student can play an hour-long game of basketball. It simply means that the student can go outside and have a little time to themselves and just relax. Rest and relaxation is very important in a growing child, and especially, in a student. It revives their body and mind, regulates their mood, and is linked to learning and memory function. An outdoor break will be advantageous to the student by allowing them to relax.

An open-air break will aid students by enabling to focus more, concentrate, and be more productive. According to a study at the University of South Carolina, researchers found that recess, or an outdoor break, provides a critical change of pace and a recharging...

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