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Building an Online Community


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Vision and Mission Statement
The vision of Net Gamers Central is to become the paramount community web portal in the world of online gaming, providing large amounts of useful information as well as integral services to the online community. The Net Gamers Central wishes to cater to the needs of everyone in the online community and to become recognized as the forefront in all gaming news, tools and services.
The Mission of Net Gamers Central is to organize the world's online gaming information and make it universally accessible to any user who may request it, as well as providing self service, collaboration, and information aggregation services in order to efficiently resolve all issues and queries that visitors have. The web community that is created should provide information and services that are useful to both current and potential subscribers, and the community within the portal should be founded on trust and honesty, promoting a close and friendly community that will offer further value to their interest in the online gaming world.
"Think. Feel. Game."

Net Gamers Central was created to cater to the large demand for an all encompassing web portal within the online gaming genre. It can be seen from reports that the online gaming community tend not to stick to one particular game, as they generally have shorter attention spans, therefore it is obvious that one huge portal that contained information regarding every online game available, as well as services for those games would become a huge success. The portal was then created by a group of avid gamers, who had the technical knowledge to create such a portal that provided all that was promised, while staying true to the original vision and goals set during the early stages of development. Since then the portal has grown and is in the process of implementing a variety of useful features that will be sure to entice the current online gaming demographic to visit the portal.

Portal Outline
Net Gamers Central has been developed with an extremely high level of user input, this seemed to be the most obvious course of action considering the nature of the topic, online gaming, whose success depends on the number of people within the community, the attitude of those people, as well as the competence of the designers creating the software that the community is using. Net Gamers Central has been created to become the paramount web portal with regards to online gaming; by utilizing the many features and applications that have been provided by gaming themed web portals in the past, Net Gamers Central can adopt a follower mentality and implement these ideas, which have been proven to be successful as well as limiting risks...

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