Business Ethics At Rocky Mountain Imaging

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Rocky Mountain Imaging is a company focused on high-end digital cameras, large format printers, and consumables, such as printer ink cartridges and refills. The company has been operating on a thin profit margin, but has been growing for the past few years. It currently has 40 employees and three branches. Their profit is through operations, retail sales, industrial sales, through governmental clients, and via the internet.
The stakeholders or those who have an invested interest in this business – those who make the decision or one who impact this organization internally and externally - are:
a. The Board of Directors – Those who overlook the organization and those who assigned the task to us as Operational Managers.
b. Tim – He is the CEO of this company. His responsibility is to increase profit and increase cash immediately.
c. Maria – She is Rocky Mountain Imaging’s bookkeeper. She worries about an audit gone wrong if we receive the check from DEC.
d. Denise – She is the DEC Electronics Account Representative. She is in charge of paperwork and receipts for the accounting department at DEC.
e. Ingrid – She is the Sales Manager and Denise’s Manager at DEC Electronics. She worries about the actions taking place by us and will consult with her corporate office before proceeding.
f. Operational Manager Team – We have been assigned by the Board of Directors to overlook the operations and sales (revenue/expenses) of Rocky Mountain Imaging. Tim, The CEO has informed us to advise DEC to cut us a check from the MDF account immediately.

An ethical organization is a firm that ensures all corporate activities are ethical, legal, and within all regulatory company, local, state, federal and international law. Ethic statements are crucial to an organization if organizations want employees to be in compliance with regulations set forth by both the company and the law. As stated in the textbook; ethics indicates a system of right and wrong which allows individuals to make decisions base on their beliefs, national and ethnic heritage, family practices, community acceptance, educational experiences, and what our friends, neighbors, and family think (Dess, Lumpkin, & Taylar, 2008, pg. 396).
Individual ethics is the actions of one person or employee. Organization ethics is the actions of an employee or employees that affect the entire organization. Most of the time an employee’s unethical behavior can be traced back to the organization’s unethical behavior or their leader’s unethical behavior. Ethics and leadership is intertwined. Therefore, if a leader or a person of management shows unethical behavior, then their employees are more likely to showcase unethical behavior. Plus, if an organization does not have a strong, ethical code of conduct, then their employees are more likely to fall into unethical behavior. Another example is from the textbook on page 397, Dess, Lumpkin, & Taylor (2008):
“Leaders who fail...

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