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 Jonas lives in a society where there's no pain, war or fear. When people in the society reach the age of 12 they are assigned assignments given from the Elders (not from their own choice), who decide their assignment depending on their skills and interest.  [[After the person grows old enough they can apply for the Matching of Spouses which is just like getting married but worse since you can't choose your spouse and also, it can takes years before you get one. After getting a spouse, you can sign up to get a newchildren. Newchildren are born from Birthmothers who never get to see there new born and are given to Nurturers to take care of it in the Nurturing Center for a year. After a year passes they are finally given to the family to take care of.  When the parents finally turn old, they are then sent to the House of the Old to be taken care of until they are released. No one in the community knows what release meant but everyone thought it meant going to Elsewhere.]]

      When Jonas arrives home, he talks to his parents about how apprehensive he feels about the Ceremony of Twelves.  His dad, a nurturer and his mom, a member of the department of justice tells him not to worry since the Elders are very meticulous on what you do and very rarely has there been a person who complained about their assignment. Even though his parents tell him that The Elders are very meticulous with their choices, he still doesn't know what he might get assigned since he goes to a variety of areas in his volunteer hours. At the Ceremony of Twelves,  Jonas was not assigned but selected as the Receiver of Memory which is known as the most important assignment in the community since they kept all the memories of the communities past. When Jonas arrives at the Reciever's place, he is stunned by the look of his place since there were tons of books all over the place. This stunned him since he only knew of four books; thesaurus, dictionary, handbook of the community and a book  of the schedule. When Jonas got...

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1101 words - 4 pages greater effort in the future" (White and Thornbory, 2007, 7). The accommodation approach described by White and Greta as "agreeing to something just to keep the peace" (White and Thornbory, 2007, 8), has one or more team members not contributing to the result. Similar to accommodation, authoritarian allows one person to take control and dictate the resolution based solely on his or her power or position. This approach leaves the majority of the

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1349 words - 5 pages IntroductionThe main story of the case Precista Tool AG is about the conflict in a family business, which showed in the following areas: (1) Parent-child conflicts & family dynamics; (2) Management succession problems; (3) Business-family complications and (4) The plight of women managers. Mr. Huebel and his daughter Greta have different insights in several aspects in the management of the business after Greta was appointed as the manager of

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1202 words - 5 pages Greta Van Susteren the real crime of the ObamaCare act is the politicians that supported ObamaCare and did not read the bill. In another video provided by Fox News, featuring Chris Wallace, the real reason Democrats are worried about ObamaCare is because even when the website is going to work there will still be hundreds of thousands of people that are going to lose their policies, either way they are going to feel that they were mislead by the

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1082 words - 5 pages "Today's girl knows she's supposed to fulfill all the traditional "girl" expectations-- look pretty, be nice, get a boyfriend--while excelling at the "girl skills" of empathy cooperation, and relationship building" (257): This is said by Stephen Hinshaw, a professor of psychology at the University of California at Berkley. This quote shows how some of the things girls are expected to achieve...however it does not show what boys are expected to

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