Capital Of Southern State Of Karnataka

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Capital of Southern state of Karnataka, Bangalore is Asia's fastest growing cosmopolitan city. The city today is getting popular though for a very many reasons and variety of Beans-JavaBeans. Yes, that’s how the name came through a legend and got the name 'a place of baked beans' (Benda Kalu Ooro).
The garden city is home to some of the growing high tech industries in India. It has become the 'byte-basket' of India and home to some of India's premier scientific establishments. The city also offers music, dance, dramas, carnivals, shopping fun and more.
Blessed with pleasant climate, parks, lakes, gardens, architectural landmarks, pubs, malls and restaurants in this part of the planet, Bangalore is the ideal getaway to India and beyond.
#Weather – When to Go
Bangalore is a pleasant city that can be visited all through the year. The best times to visit and witness the city is between September to February. The air is cool and there are posh celebrations and festivals. Keeping warm clothes can prove to be handy as nights do get chilly.
Winters (November to February) are the coolest with temperature falling near to 10°C. It is the best period for exploring the Bangalorean delights.
Summers (March to May) are quite pleasant in Bangalore with warm and mild climate with a maximum temperature of 36°C even in summers. No wonder it’s called a summer retreat.
Monsoons (June to August) come down with mild to heavy rains and windy season

#5 Attractions
#Places to Visit
The city is comprised with many amazing attractions, among which are the two botanical gardens – Cubbon Park and Lal Bagh (Glass House). Other mesmerizing attractions include Nandi Hills, Bangalore Palace, Bannerghatta National Park, Mayo Hall, Aerospace Museum and lots more.
Shopping isn’t left behind in this IT city. The two districts that can really blow your mind off are MG Road, Brigade Road and Commercial Street. These lively places are a must visit as they pose as a shopper’s paradise. Apart from shopping on the streets, Bangalore has abundant malls that house international and national branded merchandise. Mantri Mall, UB City and Garuda Mall are among the best malls to get your shopping bags full.
#Places to Eat
Bangalore being an IT hub caters to people from every part of the...

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