Case Study: Passive Aggressive Behavior At The Work Place

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Case Study: Passive Aggressive Behavior at the Work Place
Passive aggressive behavior can be described as an indirect expression of hostility and discontentment within a given situation by an individual or a group of people. These feelings may be expressed through actions such as procrastination, resentment, intentional inefficiency, sarcasm, and other negative tendencies like chronic lateness. Considering it from an occupational front, passive aggressive behavior generally leads to a decreased efficiency at the workplace as productivity and team work are drastically affected by these negative attitudes regardless of whether it stems from the management or the subordinate staff members. The work place is basically a place of cooperation, where the efforts of each individual contribute in one way or another to the organizational performance. In the case of the employees, they have to meet the organization’s expectations of them by doing what they are expected to do, as efficiently as possible. The managers are on the other hand expected to manage the organization’s activities along with the employees. Generally, the workings of an organization require cooperation amongst all the concerned parties. A passive aggressive attitude in this case thus jeopardizes not on the cooperation of these concerned parties but also the management’s ability to run the organization effectively. This paper examines a hypothetical work place situation in which passive aggressive behavior was evident, the actions involved in that situation, and how this behavior would affect the organization in question. The paper will also discuss what the other parties in the situation could do to address the situation effectively.
The Passive Aggressive Behaviors
The specific passive aggressive behaviors involved in this situation are procrastination and chronic lateness. The perpetrator in this case would be a management staff in a textile factory. His main role is to approve the quality of the garments produced before the production line can be given another batch of fabric to work on. With regards to the procrastination, this manager keeps delaying his trips to the inspection room preferring to stay in his office conversing with the other line managers and office staff. He does not enjoy going into the production areas and has on several occasions requested the general manager to have the inspection done at his office over at the administration complex of the factory. This request has been denied, the management citing the need for the line managers to visit the factory from time to time to monitor and coordinate the activities of the production line workers. As a result, this manager has to go to the production complex, but only reaches the inspection room. He nevertheless tries to avoid this trip as much as possible, limiting his inspection to once or twice a week and never more than that. With regards to chronic lateness, this line manager comes in late to work...

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