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Have you ever wanted an ideal school, where you can pick all the school rules to your liking? Just think your school would have everything you want, and would not have anything you did not like. You could have all the rules and regulations altered to your liking. It would be so amazing to alter your school rules so they would fit your specific needs. While school regulations are made with the students in mind, it is often flawed. The people who make school rules tend to forget how they felt as students. The rules that are set are often made with unattainable goals in mind. For example, at school we have a rule to always walk on the right side of the hall, yet more times than not, most students do not abide by this rule. It would be a dream to be able to alter the rules to make them more realistic. Whether or not you like your school rules, you can still find rules that would like to change for the better.
To begin, I would want to change my schools cell phone policy so students would be allowed to use their phone in class. I think it would be beneficial to have access to the internet as well as other educational sources at your finger tips. To better illustrate, picture a classroom where students are able to use their phones, for educational purposes, freely. The students are fully engaged in the classroom discussions, and are able to look up facts and statistics in a matter of seconds. The teacher benefits because she is able to fluidly work with her students with ease because they would not have to rely on her for every fact. Also, students would not feel the need to sneak their phones out behind teacher’s backs and under the desks. Overall, the entire learning environment would benefit tremendously by being able to freely use their phones in class.
Secondly, I would like to change our school policy that forces us to sit at certain lunch tables, depending on your class. It’s immensely annoying that I am not allowed to sit with friends from other classes just because they’re in a different class. I think that we should be allowed to sit at any lunch table because as middle school students we’re old enough to sit where we want. For example, what if all your friends are in a different class? You would not feel very good having to sit by...

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