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A gentle breeze blows on Tessa Mclane’s back. A canoe sways back and forth and the water. Tessa clenches the side of the canoe, glazing into the ocean. The air is pitch black, besides the dim moonlight. Tessa can see the faint outline of everyone in the canoe, though she can’t see their faces. Tessa helps pulling one of the rows with a few other people. The boat moves slightly forward with quite difficultly.
Tessa is fearful, even though she knows she should not be. In order to conquer all fear you must first conquer the fear of fear itself. Once that fear is defeated all other fears will fall to defeated fear feet. Tessa remembers this as she rows the boat forward. Be fearless, she tells herself, though she knows she’s nowhere close to conquering fear.
A strong gust of wind hits her back followed by the loud sound of silence, saying everything no one wants to hear. Tessa pushes the row forward and then back, falling into a sturdy pattern. Another gust of wind hits, breaking her pattern, while also tipping over the canoe and everyone in it.
The wind makes a wave that holds Tessa down. When Tessa reaches surface she is gasping for air, having swallowed some water when the boat tipped. She spits this water out, making gagging noises in the process. Her noises are drowned out by another wave. This one holds her down for a longer amount of time. Luckily she got a good gulp of air before she was pulled down. Still she is out of breath by the time she resurfaces.
Another wave comes when she is still gasping for air. She swallows more water. This wave holds her down longer then the first two waves combined. She does not have enough air for that. She’s fine for a few seconds, and then her lungs start to burn. She struggles to pull herself up. This only uses energy and makes her lungs burn even more.
Her head starts to feel light, forcing her to go unconscious. Tessa will not let this happen. She keeps her eyes open. After a few seconds the choice is no longer hers. She feels her body go limp and her brain go numb.
Tessa sits up in bed, gasping for air. She recalls having a bad dream, though she does not know of what. She clenches her headboard, still breathing heavily. A tear drop streams out of her wide blue, past her pointed nose, and rests on her defined cheekbone. She leaves the tear drop there, still too busy clenching the headboard to bother to wipe it away. The harder she clenches the headboard, the easier it is the breath.
She looks out the window in her bed chamber. She stands, now feeling much better, and walks to the window. The sky is still dark but dawn is quickly uprising. She stands there, just watching. The sky turns a light blue as the sun peeks up in the horizon. Streaks of gold and pink stretches across the sky near the sun. Tessa intakes the beauty of this breathtaking Constel morning sky.
Constel is a planet three solar systems out of our solar system's reach. Tessa lives in Clearway, one of the three...

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