Chapter 1: Living With Art Essay Joshua Mc Coy This Essay Covers The Impulse To Create Art, Creativity And Why It Is Important, And How Can Art Turn A Space Into A Place.

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Where does the impulse to create art come from?The impulse to create art comes from the artist imagination and life experience. The word impulse means: the influence of a particular feeling, mental state, and so on. One perfect example is Maya Lin, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, in 1982. It is to honor all of the Veterans that had given there life for this country in a war that the United States should not have been a part of. Some times artists have the impulse to put thins in strange places like René Magritte, Delusions of Grandeur 2, in 1948. Also there can be the impulse to do something that is of religious importance like Leonardo da Vinci, The Last Supper, about 1496ish. Other arts can give a visual history of a culture like the Burial mask of Tutankhamen, in 1325 B.C.E. for in which is now at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Then there are types of art that just help to make a home, office, and other places look nice like Tomas Kincaid, Sunrise, 2000ish. In most cases it is going to be up to the artist to find some thing that strikes him or her right to make there art and some times it may not have any thing to do with the artist at all.What is Creativity, why is it important?Creativity is something people and artist have to be unique. The word creativity means the ability to create meaningful new forms, and so on. It is very important so that no one person will be alike and boring. One good example is the René Magritte, Delusions of Grandeur 2, in 1948. Another good example is the Burial mask of Tutankhamen, in 1325 B.C.E. for the materials that where used by the artist in that time period of art. The Maya Lin, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, in 1982 is another prime example of...

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864 words - 4 pages went through. While talking to his father about a stolen box, Spiegelman has a revelation. ‘“You left the box in the barrack? How could it not be taken?” “I didn’t think on it…” “But everyone was starving to death! Sigh- I guess I just don’t understand” “Yes… About Auschwitz, nobody can understand.”’ (Spiegelman, 224). It is difficult, maybe even impossible to fully understand the magnitude of the Holocaust and its impact on not just one generations, but multiple generations after. Questions still remain. Questions will always remain. “Nobody can understand.” Works Cited Spiegelman, Art. The Complete Maus. New York: Pantheon, 1997. Print.

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