Chapter 1: Native Peoples Of America, To 1500

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Chapter 1: Native Peoples of America, to 1500
1)Paleo-Indians, the first Americans lived in bands of fifteen to fifty people, and traveled within their territory to hunt. Archaic Indians experienced a warming climate. One of the results of the warming climate was better hunting. Forest grew larger with a greater variety of plants and animals. The changes allowed some Indians to reside in permanent homes. The ample supply of food allowed more peoples to live on less acreage. The weather also allowed for specialization of caring for plants; this was the beginning of controlling crops to better supply the people.
2) In areas that supported crops, people began to plant there. Larger groups could live in still smaller areas. Trade routes became religious and political systems that connected numerous groups. Formal confederacies and states began to form. The Incas and Aztecs even managed to form empires. Groups post 2500 B.C.E. formed recognized groups, and by C.E.1500, the societies that Europeans encountered when they came to the Americas were recognized.
Bridging Cultures Project:
1)Olaudah Equiano was born, in the year 1745, in Effaka, Africa. His father was an elder or chief, he was called Embrence; a name of the highest distinction. Olaudah was born to a family considered wealthy in his lands. Children typically stayed together in the village while their parents worked the fields. One such day he and his sister were at their home when three kidnappers scaled the walls and kidnapped the two children. Olaudah was eleven at the time of his demise. While in Africa, the children were tied only to prevent escape. On occasion, they were gagged, and at one time placed in bags to prevent notice. On the third day, they were separated. Olaudah was sold several times, although he was a slave he said he was treated fairly. Some of his masters had him work and others used him as a companion for their own children. At one encampment, he and his sister found one another for the last time, before...

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