Chapter Fifteen Essay

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Chapter Fifteen
Meet the Bandorkks

Lighting glowed softly from every corner of the throne room, illuminating some of its cavernous interior. Black marble walls ran from the floor all the way up to a ceiling so far from the ground that it was impossible to make out, and four endless tables with dishes piled high with food took up most of the room’s available space.
Riavath and Sheeva overlooked the hundreds of monstrous beings who had chosen to attend the lunchtime banquet. They sat side by side at the top of a magnificent red-carpeted staircase, and they seemed to make the room darker just by being there. Riavath’s black armour and the dark robes of the sorceress making them appear as if they were creatures produced by the night. Sheeva wasn’t happy, but then Sheeva seldom was. She was shifting about impatiently in her throne, and her expression was almost as sour-looking as the bowl of ghastly beetle cream that sat by the side of her table.
“We should’ve been served by now, Riavath,” she growled in her high-pitched, gritty tone. Her long grey hair was matted and greasy, her skin was cold and wrinkled, and her eyes were hollow and colourless. “I told you those vulgar little Bandorkks were a pair of useless, lazy, and incompetent pieces of granasuckle gutter-ooze!”
There was no expression on Count Riavath’s dark face, but the look in his venomous eyes spoke volumes. He sat in silence, waiting.
In the next few moments, two pudgy creatures that looked like bubbles of gas or blobs of jelly flew into the room. Riavath’s face twisted as they hovered towards him. They had the look of two obese Gargoyles. One was red and the other blue, and they both had long skinny arms, short pointed ears, huge round eyes, large snaggletoothed mouths, and a small pair of wings that were barely able to carry their heavy, lumpy bodies.
“And just where in the hell have you two stunted little slimeballs been all this time?” the sorcerer asked impatiently. His...

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