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The characters presented in this novel have both major and minor roles. The characters that were majorly witnessed are Sethe, Paul D, Denver, Baby Suggs and Beloved.

Sethe – Sethe is a woman who has been traumatized horrendously with matters concerning slavery and the fact that she is a woman was an advantage of her being raped multiple times. It all started when Sethe lacked the love and care from her very own mother who was also engraved with slavery. Because of such factor, Sethe was given away when she was little and barely had recognition with her mother. Due to this past trauma in her childhood, it had an immediate effect on her as an adult which goes to show how she herself is struggling providing the care and love towards her children. Slavery had taken everything away from her; even the milk to feed her own children was stolen from the schoolteacher’s nephew who played foul towards Sethe. These events made her feel worthless of being a mother as she was unable to nurture her children. As Sethe realizes the experience of slavery and being held with no option, she does not at all circumstances want her children to endure through the same situation. Since she believed that the next life would be safer than this once, she decides to kill her children rather than watch them grow up in slavery but knowing it’s a wrong move, she is filled with guilt throughout the story. But as she tries to move on and avoid her past, it comes to haunt her in the form of Beloved.

Paul D – Paul D is a character who is also endorsed by slavery. He has been working as a slave along with Sethe and a few others and during those times, he longed for Sethe to be his wife but that opportunity was snatched away by another fellow named Halle. It turned out to be that he was the last surviving male as other slaves from the Sweet Home were dead. When finally he escaped slavery and also from prison, he wandered around for years when finally he arrived back to Sethe after eighteen years. But throughout the novel it is shown that Paul D had problems facing his masculine self since he was stripped of all human dignity and was sold and bought as a property. While living with Sethe he finally comes to know that she had murdered her oldest daughter and with such a shock, he decides to leave Sethe. But in the end he returns as Sethe falls ill and reassures her that she is her own best thing. By expressing love, it ends up healing himself too.

Denver – Denver is Sethe’s youngest daughter who was born in the middle of the war between slavery and freedom. She was named after Amy Denver who is a known to be a white slaved girl but was generous enough to help Sethe deliver the baby in such...

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