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Title might change.
Warnings: Some character bashing, good Dumbledore, Good dark side (sounds so cliché. Come to the dark side, where all your dreams will come true -_-)
Full summary:
Being only a few months younger than the twins, the three grow up together closer to each other than the rest of the family, one because of age and two, though this reason remained unknown to the rest of the family, the twins were dark.
But because of their bond the three are mistreated by the Weasley’s. The twins because they have always sided with Harvest and Harvest because he was born to a dark family and is by nature a dark wizard. With hearts full of resentment Harvest and the twins set out to find Harvest’s real family.
Picking up some odd and crazy friends along the way, with problems of their own that will join in the hunt to find Harvest’s family they form a mismatched and dysfunctional family that will always stand by their side.
However, when it seems that every step closer, put them two steps back when an obstacle pops up it’s hard to hold onto hope, but with the support of each other they push forwards through both the planned for and unforeseen hardships they face.
What will the group do, when there only hope of freedom, unrealistic as it may be, to find Harvest’s real family and hope they will accept them; all of them, constantly eludes them, always within site and yet teasingly out of reach. How will they accomplish their goals?
Well, one thing is for certain. They will not be giving up, they are determined to succeed, even if it kills them, and with the way things seem to always turn out… it just might.

The lost child: Prologue
It was when she was in Azkaban that she found out she was pregnant and it left her terrified for the life of her baby. Bellatrix, had she known she was pregnant would have never acted to recklessly. She would have never endangered the life of her child.
Thought few knew it, Bella was not in the least bit insane, yet… she didn’t know how long that was going to last seeing as to how she was currently imprisoned in Azkaban. But as of now she was sane, lest you include her love of torture. So when she found out that she was discovered her unexpected little miracle, she dreaded what the future held for her child.
She knew that if she managed to make it full term and give birth to her child, that she would never be able to keep him, and again that was only IF she made it to full term.
However, she would do anything to ensure the survival of her child, even if it meant giving him up to what was sure to be a light family. And so she made one of the most difficult decision a mother could make… She decided she would give up her child and hope that he was taken care of by whomever he might be given to.
The next day when the auror came around to check on the prisoners, she called out to him. Over and over until he final stopped and turned to her with a sneer on his face.
“WHAT!!!?” he shouted in anger and annoyance....

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