Cinderella Or Sleeping Beauty? Essay

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I woke up with the nice feeling of sunlight wamring my face. It's been awhile since I have been outside, it felt so good. I looked around and noticed I had been moved to a more lesurly room. It had big window and a couch. I liked this room alot better than the other one, it felt less stuffy.

"No, you have to let me in there! Stop touching me, I am her best friend!" Brook was arguing with a nurse outside of my room.

"NO! Ma'm, please leave." A red headed nurse blocked my dor from her.

"Let me in!!" Brook's stright dark hair was messy, a sign she had been brushing her hand thoguh it. It was the only nervous habit I had seen her do, she was a very self confident person. Just not with authority.

"Do I need to call security? Please wait until she asks for you." The red-head looked stiff and very upset with her.

I pressed the nurse button by my bed, I knew Brook would not do well with some one in security. The slightly aggravated nurse put on a fake smile and entered my room.

"Ms. Ella! You have woken up I'll go call the doctor." She grabbed her pager and taped some buttons.

"Can you please let brook in?" I croaked. I realized my throat was really dry.

"Oh, ok." surprose flashed in her eyes, but was gone in a second. "And I'll get you some water to dear." She left the door open when she walked out, and I saw her smile drop the second she was out of my doorway.

"ELLLLLAAA!" Brooke hollered running full speed towards me.

"Ughf!" I made a weird grunting sound wehn she ran into me. It kinda hurts when some one runs full force into you after being beaten into a coma. Note the sarcasm.

"OMG! Are you ok? It's been all over the news, did you see the tv? Oh, ya, of course you were in a coma. Duh. Ariana is breaking down, btw. Oh, and-"

"Brooke! Slow down, you are making my head run faster than you did heading in here!" I clutched my head or effect, it was beating.

"Oh. Oops." She smiled sheepishly, but her dark browneyes twinkled with happiness. She so wasn't sorry.

"Ok, one question at a time. But, first tell me, did they arrest Duke?"

"Yep, but he posted bail and booted." Crap. Brook grabbed the water cup from Nurse Moody and waited for my next question.

"Ok, how was the movie?" I was especially excited to hear this one.

"Major hit! And with you in the news with a coma, woah it beat the Harry Potters." She laughed at her own little joke.

"OK, what did you say about Ariana?" I heard her name but didn't catch what she said about her.

Brook turned solemn. "She is breaking down. She beleives it was all her fault. They thought you were dead, El."

Suddenly I felt a guilty ache in my stomach. It was my fault Ariana thought this. Maybe if I had just sat with Duke. Or maybe faked sick. Or left early... Suddenly Brook's arms were around me and her Caribean sceneted perfume over came my nose. I relaxed into it. Brook probably thought she would never see me again.

I heard a knock on the door frame and Brook shot up.

"Echm." The doctor cleared...

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