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Once upon a time, in a not so distant time, there was a small, content family with lots of money. The loving parents had a young daughter, whom they raised very well to be gentle and kind. To show that they had risen their daughter to be gentle and kind, the parents had their young daughter a necklace. The mother had a sister, who was as cruel and self-serving as the mother was fair and gentle. The aunt had a daughter, who was the same age as the daughter. One tragic day, the aunt and cousin arrived to find the home of her sister in flames! They stood there smirking at the fate of their relative.
By the time the fire department arrived, it was too late! The young girl was orphaned. The ...view middle of the document...

"Where have you been?" The aunt questioned Cinderella when she returned. Cinderella replied," I was searching-" The cousin spat, rudely interrupting her," Searching? For what? You were supposed to be doing my homework, you lazy sloth!"
Cinderella did as she was told. After the others had gone to bed, Cinderella read the letter, which told her how the chest was magical. It also gave her instructions on how the chest worked and explained how only a pure-hearted person could use the chest.
That morning, as Cinderella was walking to school, she saw a poster for the next school dance, which would be held in honor of a French exchange student. "That sounds like so much fun! I wonder if I could go?" Cinderella asked herself. "Hurry up! And don't drop my stuff!" Snapped the cousin.
After another long day at school, Cinderella ran home to start cleaning, eager to start looking for a dress to wear. Once her cousin, who was full of jealousy, found her working on a dress, she tore the dress to shreds, then set fire to it in the fireplace. "What gives you the right to go meet the exchange student? You are to finish cleaning the house, and then you can come, if you have a dress." Laughing, the cruel cousin left poor Cinderella alone in misery.
Suddenly, Cinderella realized that she could get help! Maybe the chest had something she could use! She ran until she reached her old house and the chest. Pulling out the key with shaky hands, Cinderella threw open the chest. Inside was a dress, glittering black and blue in the afternoon sunlight. Underneath the dress lay shoes and a mask that matched it. On another side of the chest sat a scrub brush. Cinderella picked up the items and went home, eager to try on the clothing.
After setting the magical scrub brush to work, Cinderella busied herself with getting ready. Soon, she was ready to leave, but she had no way of getting there. Before she moved to leave, a sleek, pink limo pulled up, apparently waiting for her. Knowing it was magical, Cinderella climbed in and then she was off!
At the school, she climbed out, but tripped and started to fall. But before she hit the ground, someone caught her and helped her stand. "Bonjour madame. Did you have a nice trip?" Said an unknown voice snickering. She looked up to see a brown haired, blue eyed boy standing next to her. She laughed, then thanked the boy. He held out his arm, which she took, and together they entered the dance.
Inside was fairly empty, it was still early. The music played, making Cinderella feel more alive than she had ever felt before! As the dance continued, Cinderella realized that the boy she was dancing with was the French exchange student. They enjoyed themselves until Cinderella looked at the clock and realized she had only moments before her cousin got...

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