Cleopatra Vii Thea Philopator: The Queen Of Wit

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Cleopatra VII Thea Philopator grew up as a princess. She received riches beyond her wildest dreams and an education of the finest quality. She was born in to the Ptolemaic dynasty at a time when the monarchy was slowly losing its hold on Egypt as empire grew round it, threatening to absorb it at any moment. Her family,the Ptolemies were the last from the set of Greco-Macedonian dynasties that had appeared in eastern Mediterranean after the death of the macedonian conqueror, Alexander the Great in 323 b.c. Her brother, Ptolemy XII married Cleopatra in 80 b.c.and came to the throne. Cleopatra soon realized that if she was to get anything done in her country which she cared so much for she was going to have to put a little elbow grease into it, and take over. She manipulated and charmed and left her mark on the world. Cleopatra was historically significant in not only her own country but her surrounding countries impacting the world through her influence on the roman empire, her methods of ruling, and her instrumental part in keeping Egypt under Macedonian rule.
Through Cleopatra’s relationship with Ceasar, Mark Antony, and the roman people, she created a lasting influence on the roman republic. Cleopatra was a scheming seductress who at a young age of 18, “realized that both of her brothers had neither the influence nor intelligence to compete with the politics of the time, and that she was going to have to network with men of power on her own to make any difference”. And at the the time, the men of power, were in Rome. After being ejected from Alexandria by the guardians of her brother, Ptolemy XIII, she heard that Ceasar was in Egypt and she arranged to see him. As referred to in The Art Jornal, she was brought into his room rolled up in an oriental tapestry. In this way she was able to sneak into his dwellings and when the tapestry unrolled she was revealed, captivating Ceasar. She became his mistress and with his aid they defeated Ptolemy XIII. Soon after, Cleopatra had a son, which she claimed to be Caesar's. And returning to Rome, Ceasar was assassinated and Cleopatra’s son seemed to her the rightful air, though after much fighting Mark Anthony rose as the new power of the republic. Mark Anthony sent for Cleopatra asking her to come and meet him, a request that she took more than lightly. She leisurely, “sailed up the Cydnus river in a barge with a gilded stern, with purple sails outstretched, pulled by silver oars in time to piping accompanied by fifes and lyres...”. Inviting Anthony onto her boat she entranced him until they became lovers. Though Anthonys co-ruler Octavian had it out for him, and with his new relationship Octavian could easily claim he favored egypt over rome. After marrying Octavian's beautiful sister Anthony left her for Cleopatra, another ploy that Octavian used against him. After an extremely unsuccessful and tragic campaign against the Parthians losing the lives of over 30,000 Roman soldiers Anthonys popularity had...

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