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Several higher education schools realize the difficulty of the transition between high school and college, which is why many offer the availability of freshman success courses or seminars that help ease this “transition” and increase success rates among students. Howard and Jones (2000) state that “colleges and universities often consider offering a freshman course or seminar focused on content and experiences to facilitate the transition between secondary and post-secondary education.” The concept of this course, essentially, is that college freshman will be taught how to be successful, not only throughout the progression of their college career, but in life outside of college, as well. Howard and Jones (2000) reveal that they “hypothesized that all students who completed the seminar would report statistically significant growth … and that the extent of growth would be greater among students who entered with lower high school grade point averages.”
According to Vincent Tinto (2011), there are four different aspects that need to be taken into consideration for a student to succeed in college: “expectations, support, assessment and feedback, and involvement.” Continuing, Tinto (2011) mentions that “embedded academic support in the classroom” is important because it allows students to “learn basic skills and program content at the same time from a team of faculty,” which shows that “students are nine times more likely to graduate.” Similarly, the study conducted by Howard and Jones assessed topics closely related to those four that Tinto speaks about, mentioning five questions asked to each participant of the study. Questions asked by Howard and Jones (2000) varied from asking students “how prepared they felt for college,” to asking if they knew what they wanted to major in, and even measured the students’ “awareness of campus resources.” Coincidentally, I realized that Howard and Jones (2000) cite an article written by Tinto (1987) in their study. Tinto (2011) expressed that “there is much that...

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