Concealed Weapons And Safety Essay

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Recent tragedies in the United States involving gun violence have created a surge of panic. For example, the Sandy Hook school tragedy and the senseless school shootings that occurred in Colorado and Nevada, created a concern about the safety of our children and schools. Incidents like these raise questions about safety, gun laws and the guidelines and restrictions required for the purchase and the sale of guns. Likewise, President Obama has recently suggested that a more thorough background check be performed during the sale of guns within the United States. Does a criminal record or the lack thereof ensure that a person is capable of purchasing or possessing a firearm? This essay will explore issues such as mental illness, lack of parental control and illegal gun sales as other factors that can contribute in the negligent use of concealed weapons and the safety of Americans.
Having worked in law enforcement for the past twenty years, I can attest that the typical criminal background check only allows gun sellers limited information regarding persons purchasing weapons. These background checks currently do not address any mental illness a person may have that would prevent them from making sound judgment. Mental illness and weapons has been an issue since John Hinckley’s attempted assassination of President Reagan. Hinckley, after his failed attempt was declared Insane and sentenced to a mental institution rather than a prison. How did a legally insane person or a person under psychiatric care manage to possess a weapon? If the safety and well-being of the citizens of America are truly a concern, issues such as mental illness have to be added to the initial background check to prevent weapons from being purchased by those unable to make rational choices.
We have heard the saying, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people”. With that being said, parental control is another important issue when discussing gun sales and safety. For example, in the case of the Sandy Hook School shooting, it was determined that...

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