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Organizational behavior is the study of the many factors that have an impact on how people and groups act, think, feel, and respond to work and organizations and how organizations respond to their environments. (George & Jones, 2005) Organizational behavior is particularly important to managers, who are responsible for supervising the activities of one of more employees.
A manager has four principal functions or duties of management. These include; the process of planning, organizing and leading an organizations human, financial, material, and others resources to increase its effectiveness. (George & Jones, 2005)
Planning involves establishing the organizations strategy and deciding how to best allocate and use resources to achieve organizational goals. Through organizing, managers establish a structure of relationships that dictates how members of an organization work together to achieve the organization's goals. Leading involves encouragement from managers for workers to do a good job and coordinate individuals and groups so that everyone is working to achieve the organizations goals. (George & Jones, 2005)
A manager must use these skills to address numerous areas, including:
- The Management of Ability
- Organizational Commitment
- Job Satisfaction
- Organizational Ethics
The Management of Ability
For managers, the key issue regarding ability is to ensure that employees have the abilities they need to perform their jobs effectively. There are three ways to manage ability in organizations to ensure this happens; selection, placement, and training. (George & Jones, 2005)
The fundamental work unit of the FMC Aberdeen organization is the work team. Teams ranging in size from three to sixteen manage virtually every aspect of the plant's work and reporting. Teams schedule work hours, purchase materials and tools, plan work schedules, coordinate with other teams, evaluate team member's performance, recommend salary increases, generate reports, and deal with virtually every problem that can arise in the running of the plant. (Clawson, 2005)
Every employee at Aberdeen is assigned to a team. A team leader is chosen by the team from among volunteers. Team leaders are an important part of team organization. One Aberdeen team leader describes the role in this way; "Team leaders facilitate. If there is a problem, you don't solve it, you get the team together in a meeting to solve it. Success is the team's responsibility, not the team leaders. One thing that works against this process is when people just don't want that responsibility and withhold from involving themselves." (Clawson, 2005)
FMC Aberdeen is working under the principle of self-managed teams. This type of management could also be utilized by the FMC Green River facility. Self –managed teams are groups of employees who are given the authority and responsibility to manage many different aspects of their own organizational behavior. (George & Jones, 2005) Despite the large...

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