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At the beginning of the music industry artists got income from sources like touring, merchandising, records, and publishing. They had those choices and they can decide how much emphasis they gonna put on these things in order to grow. Some artist didn't care about some of these things, and were still successful because they had a strong fan base. Artist now goal to have a career while expand options by growing fan base and popularity. The Internet brought another avenue for exposure with more possibilities like ads on Face book, interacting with fans on twitter, and videos on YouTube for the world to view. Artists now have so many choices to make to be successful in the industry. Now that there are many possibilities to grow. They have to compete harder to be on the top of charts. Just like the world changes, the music industry changed as well and artists have to stay up to pace.
What used to be the biggest problem with music before; is it never got heard. Struggling artists couldn't get their songs onto a radio, record or CD (The Influence of Technology on the Music Industry, 2009). The Internet allowed for people to get local and do their own music searching allowing for all corners of the industry to be touched. The Internet allows people to listen to many different genre's, international music, and old music. Most people stretch their interest in genre and explore. Music artists also use the same gig, collaborating over the web, managing their careers, and sampling popular songs.
Music piracy first began in the 1920s when radio stations were airing records. Some stations had purchased legally, but the frequency of the broadcasts was not tracked. So artists and writers received no payment for their work beside from the original record. Therefore performance rights societies passed legislation to make sure that stations were fair on airplay and covered the money in airtime they couldn't receive (The Influence of Technology on the Music Industry, 2009).
In 1982 the CD was released. This invention and home computer boosted piracy and really hit the music industry. The first CD was a read only and couldn’t be copied and this was a good thing for a while. But technology eventually caught up and CD soon became able to copy to any computer with the right hardware and then burnt to a blank CD.
The MP3 also had a lot to do with the hurt the industry is seeing. The MP3 file allowed users to browse and listen to anything. While also being able to save the songs and share it with other people. This lead to the invention of streaming service like iTunes and Limewire (The Influence of Technology on the Music Industry, 2009). Such things gave the ability to be mobile with your library and not depend on CD and records.
Without a doubt Internet has a remarkable ability of letting the user become a pioneer and create as pleased. That so it allows artist to join the market independently. Without the help of the music industry artists can connect to...

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