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In life, it is too often times found that many people turn out to be rather deceiving. Someone may appear to be a good person but actually end up being spiteful and cruel to people who would have considered them a friend. The great philosopher, Plato once said, “ This and no other is the root in which a tyrant springs; when he first appears he is a protector”. A leader may at first appear to be doing what is right for his people, when in actuality they are planning to simply use the people around them as nothing more than steps on a staircase in which they will climb until they reach the top and achieve absolute power. There are multiple cases in history and literature, portraying different ways tyrants have risen and achieved power. The screenplay Mean Girls by Tina Fey and the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare both reveal examples of leaders starting off as good, honorable, people; and transforming into powerful tyrants.
In the movie Mean Girls by Tina Fey, the protagonist, Cady Heron is first characterized as an innocent new girl at school, yet ends up as the meanest girl of them all. Cady befriends Janas Ian, who takes up the role of Cady’s mentor; becoming her guide on the journey through high school. Janas has had an external man verses man conflict with Regina George ever since middle school. She easily persuades Cady to help her get revenge on Regina by telling her it’s the right thing to do. Originally, the plot is that Cady will pretend to be friends with Regina, Gretchen, and Karen; while in reality, she plans on sabotaging Regina. As Cady hangs out with Regina more and more she becomes hubris, consumed by popularity. She ditches her real friends and thinks nothing of it. Just when she thinks nothing can go wrong, everything does, all at once. Cady loses herself and becomes a mean girl. No one really like her anymore, they pretend to be friends with her because she intimidates them, just as Regina once did. Cady becomes exactly what she said she’d never be, what she was trying to take down.
Mark Antony from the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare also comes to achieve absolute power by at first pretending to be a protector. ...

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