Cyber Security And Forensics Essay

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1) What uses of the term “security” are relevant to your everyday life?

I believe, Security in a more generic sense is relevant to any kind of situations in which we trust a system or a third party to an extent that we are ready to share our private and sensitive information with them. Security is necessary in our everyday life for all kinds of communication in which some kind of data or information is exchanged. For example, telecommunication, Internet, financial dealings, wireless communication, medical procedures, as well as physical security and privacy and protection of information on social networks, unauthorized use of information and unauthenticated access to our personal files and file systems on our personal computers unauthorized access to our personal space and belongings like home, cars etc. Users tend to feel secure if they can depend on devices and software they use and would like to have a sense of control over systems, which in turn helps businesses to build up a brand and loyalty with the people.

2) Have you ever been a victim of lax security? Were you affected when UTPA discovered the issue with JAVA the weekend of January 12, 2012?

Luckily, I have never been a victim of lax security (as far as i know!). But having understood how dangerous the impact of security issues could be, now i am more alert and careful with using Internet and any kind of software i install. After the java issue that happened with UTPA, i have deactivated java plugin in the chrome browser i use. Also, i make it a point to check for software updates from time-to-time (which i neglected before, not being aware of the consequences) and also check activity monitor on my mac on a daily basis to ensure safety. It’s quite scary how a hacker or malicious software could have unauthorized access to all our information on our personal devices like computers and mobiles if you are not alert or unaware of possible vulnerabilities.

3) Is there a systematic way to enumerate the “bad’ things that can happen to a program? a computer? a system? Why or why not?

There will always be things at the bottom that we may don’t know about at all. But it always helps to make an attempt to understand systems and to analyze what might have caused it (the problems or consequences). It is very important for us to feel and to actually have a sense of control over our systems to protect ourselves from different kinds of security issues and vulnerabilities. It is important to realize that if a malware infects our system, not only our information and data but also people we communicate with are at risk too (and vice-versa). Antivirus and malware protection software installed on our computers and personal devices gives us some degree of security. When it comes to systems or businesses, an extra and careful effort and analysis of possible risks and thereby using a combination of security products that best suits their operations could avoid risks to a certain extent by preventing...

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