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David Suzuki, born in March 1936, is a Japanese-Canadian environmental activist, a Canadian scientist and a science broadcaster.(2009-David Suzuki, Right Livelihood Award)He has five children, three with his first wife, and two with his second wife. David Suzuki is best known for his broadcasting career and also for his pro-environmental actions.
At the age of 5, David Suzuki’s family had to move to London, Canada, having to close down their business, due to World War II. After they moved to London, Canada, David Suzuki’s family worked in a business owned by his father’s brothers, “Suzuki Brothers Construction Company”.
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The show is trying to explain how humans have such a huge impact in their daily activities and what problems, around the world, are caused by those actions. “The Nature of Things” has been sold to more than 80 countries, and it is the most successful international show that David Suzuki has done. In 1988, “The Nature of Things” interviewed scientist about a 20% reduction in greenhouse gases over 15 years. The show was one of the best scientific TV series. It was a great source of information about the environmental problems and diseases that were new at that time.
David Suzuki was sometimes criticized by a couple of people for saying that his shows are just a waste of time and talent, but David Suzuki thought otherwise. He wanted to educate the population by doing those shows. He also did a couple of other shows, such as “Science Magazine” (1975), “The Secret of Life” (1993) and “The Brain” (1994). As always, David Suzuki was mostly occupied with the environment, and the rights of people. He didn’t hesitate to use his TV shows to support the rights of Canada’s First Nations. As a result of his TV shows, David Suzuki received 6 Gemini Awards, and in 2002, he gained the “John Drainie” award for broadcasting excellence. David Suzuki also has a lot of...

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