Describe An Important Idea In Two Short Texts And Explain Why Each Idea Is Important To Teenagers. ("Work And Play" And "The Warm And The Cold" By Ted Hughes)

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In the short texts “Work and Play” and “The Warm and the Cold” by Ted Hughes an important idea is that nature enjoys life more than humans, even when at work or left out in the cold. Ted Hughes conveys this idea through his use o metaphor, simile and assonance. This idea is important to teenagers because they need to learn to enjoy life more or else they will be consumed with stress.One way this idea is conveyed is through Ted Hughes’ use of metaphor. In the poem “Work and Play” he compares a swallow to a spark of electricity. “A blue-dark knot of glittering voltage.” This metaphor makes the swallow seem bright and energetic, ready to do anything, a clearly positive image. In the same poem Hughes compares a line of traffic to a snake. “The serpent of cars that crawls through the dust.” Even though the people inside these cars are about to go on holiday, their cars are reluctant and lethargic, showing how unwilling they are to enjoy their time at the beach. These quotes show the need for humans to enjoy life before they become lethargic like the “serpent of cars.” This is especially true for teenagers who are going through an especially stressful time.Another way the idea has been conveyed by Ted Hughes is through the use of simile. In “The Warm and the Cold,” Ted Hughes compares a carp in its pond to the planet out in space. “The carp is in its depth like a planet in its heaven.” This paints a clear image of a...

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