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One week full of adversity and personal circumstances before attending the cold mounts of the Smokey. My motivation to keep pressing forward ahead of my fellow scouts, and a fatal mistake that was made through my daily endeavors while on camp.

A week before one of the greatest trips of my life, I was unsure about attending because of the climate change and being away from home for a week. Everyday on the ride home back from school I would usually stare out my backseat window, with my little mind wondering, “Will things still be the same when I get back home?” I have questioned would my driveway be full of the green, red, and yellow autumn leaves when I return. It came to the point where I have even questioned if my dog would recognize my call to her. Time was running short on my stay at home, with only two days left I have decided to bond with my parents, but knowing that my older brother would tag along on this trip with me made the process much easier to attend.
Packing was not really a problem for me because of having my dad at my side it went by more smoothly. A day before my departure, my family and I prayed for safe travels along the way. For a moment, I thought to myself and laughed because my youngest brother could care less if my older brother and I got there, as long as we were out the house and safe that was fine with him. That night my young mind wondered into space, thinking that If I slept on the floor my body and mind would be ready for the test ahead of sleeping in a tent. Lying on the floor with my pillow and wrapped up in a comforter cocooned style I slept like a baby. The day of the trip I knew it was to late to back out now, whatever hardships that lied ahead of me this 5’4” slim kid had to face no matter what.
Arriving at the Scout Hut I could read the anticipation on the faces of my peers, wondering where do they get this joy of leaving their comfort zone to touch the boundaries of the unknown was foreign to me. Giving my mom one last hug, I walked in and sat on the bus. Hearing the gravel crumple under the wheels notified me that this trip is real and is going to happen regardless of how I feel. Hearing the different cries of parents pushing their sons to have a great time and to bring home souvenirs really encouraged me to really make the most out of this trip. Like on all trips I would usually blackout and wake up and be there, but this time things was different, watching the sunrise peak over the mountains and beam its rays through the icicles on the vast snowy land was jaw dropping. Hearing the different species of birds chirping at the stop of frequent red lights assured me that I was officially out of my comfort zone. Crossing the border into North Carolina, our camp site was only seconds away, heavy snow started to build up near out pit stop but graciously we got there safely. Unloading our gear and quickly...

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Descriptive Essay

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