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My innovative business idea concerns the introduction of a new product in the market which is aimed at reducing the deaths of American soldiers during war together with other innocent civilians. The product shall be marketed under the brand name “Sham-lethal detector”.

A lot of research will be put in the development of the device which utilizes the latest technology. In addition, the product will not only be able to detect explosive devices but also landmines that are mostly found in war torn areas especially Iraq and Afghanistan. As a result, this will enhance reduction of the number of casualties that often occur during war which have recently been on the increase. For instance, the US troops based in Afghanistan who were also on a search mission to find and destroy those places (caves) that were mostly the inhabitants of Taliban and Al-Qaeda found out that there were a number of unexploded ordnance in the caves and this poses a greater risk and danger to their lives as well as those of other civilians.
This device will also have intelligent and advanced signal sensors which will have the ability to detect any danger within a fraction of a second and within the radius of 150 metres. By this, the military or soldiers will be in a position to identify their positions as regards their battle locations in addition to enemy and friendly forces as this will enable the soldiers to locate their positions hence less mistakes are made.

Moreover, this product (“Sham-lethal detector”) can also be able o deactivate explosives that are intended to harm human beings just before they reach their intended targets. Since success of an enemy equipped with explosives highly depends on effective between acompliances, such a device should be able to jam communication and therefore this means that the suspects will be able to be upheld at a faster rate and a wider coverage is guaranteed since the device can be used in groups or individually. In addition, the product is designed in accordance to safety provisions and does not present any known harm to the handler. It is versatile and all weather hence less dangerous. Since it is a small electronic device, it is portable and will weigh only a half kilogramme and therefore it is not a burden to soldiers who have to shoulder heavy loads in terms of suppliers. The product will also cost less compared to other similar products in the market and this means that it can be afforded by a wide range of consumers.

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