Various Aspects Of Parenting Essay

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Various Aspects of Parenting

I. Transition to parenting
A) Major influences on parenting
The transition into parenthood isn’t an easy one there are major influences on parenthood and child rearing practices which can be put into four different factors, these are social, political, cultural and economic. Social influences are concerned with how people in society live and work together and the way people in groups behave and interact. Political factors are concerned with how changing legislation affects parenting and child rearing. Cultural influences are how the ideas and customs in a particular society affect parenting and child rearing, whilst Economical factors are concerned with how the financial positions of families and the provisions they have affect parenting and child rearing.

In the transition to parenthood there can be unavoidable complications along the way which affect the prospective parents and the baby these include post natal depression, lack of attachment between parents and baby and economic pressures. Post Natal Depression occurs after childbirth and affects one in every ten mums, it leaves the mother feeling sad and lonely causing here to become easily frustrated and angry towards others. The mother often feels inadequate to take care of the baby causing the baby to feel insecure. The cause of post natal depression isn’t really known but statistics show that mothers are more likely to experience it if they had a difficult birth experience and/or pregnancy, if the mother has not had much support or is having relationship problems, if the pregnancy was not planned, if the mother has previously had an abortion or stillbirth or if the mother has had a history of depression. Post natal depression can cause a lack of attachment between parents and baby but can also occur when the mothers hormones are raging after birth, the mother is exhausted and in pain following a prolonged, difficult delivery, if the baby spends some time in intensive care the parents may be put off by the amount and complexity of the equipment and if the parents are are having marital problems the baby will feel the mothers stress and may not feel secure thus affecting the bond between the baby and it’s parents. Economic pressures can also effect the bonding experience between parents and baby. The parents may feel stress as there could be only one income coming in instead of two as the baby feels what the parents , especially the mother feels, the baby will become stressed too and may not feel safe and secure in it’s environment causing the baby to feel unsettled. A mother having to go to work to keep up with the economic pressures of owning material things such as a house and car, when the baby is only a few months old could cause the mother and baby to become less attached, once again leaving the baby to feel insecure and unsettled.

B) Issues in Parenting
There are many different issues parents may face that could affect their...

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