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Technology progresses at the speed of light. Nowadays, computers are widely used, most people have a cell phone, and many even own an Ipad or a tablet. Therefore, it is not strange that we use these resources for personal, professional, or academic communication. Exploring several resources, has allowed me to have a better understanding of online rules of behavior as well as privacy or ethical issues that may arise. In addition, I have been able to analyze if netiquette should be modified when using audiovisual tools to communicate.
According to Aranda (2007), netiquette could be defined as “rules for online communication” (p.11). Textiquette is another concept which refers to the set of rules to observe while texting. Before beginning this course, I already texted, wrote emails, participated in discussion boards, and wrote papers. Nonetheless, I have focused on my most recent experience with online communication to self-assess my behavior.
After exploring the netiquette and textiquette rules in more detail, I have found it interesting to analyze if I have been communicating appropriately. Fortunately, I have discovered that I already follow many of these rules. One of the most positive remarks about my online behavior is that I always try to be polite. In addition, I have always responded to questions of other classmates and the professor to the best of my understanding. Also, I have tried to help my classmates by giving them advice based on my experience. Furthermore, I consider I have never written anything that could be considered offensive and always have apologized if I misunderstood something. Moreover, I agree with Fuller (2004) when he remarked that online communication does not have “the warmth of face-to-face discussions and telephone calls” (p.40). Therefore, I use emoticons in emails and texts to give the reader a hint about my tone or emotions. Furthermore, as Holmes (2013) suggested, I always double check I am texting the right person and text others if I am late to an appointment.
In contrast, there are many other areas where I could improve. For instance, I tend to forget about a rule that Shea (1997) stated which is “Respect other people’s time and bandwidth” (p.39). This is something I should work on. I acknowledge that when I am working on an assignment, finding the answers to my questions becomes my main concern. However, I should think that my professor and classmates have other commitments and they cannot read or answer my questions immediately. In addition, I should check the spelling and grammar more often, especially when writing emails or participating in informal discussions. Furthermore, since English is not my first language, I want to make sure people understand me thus I end up writing very long emails or discussions. I should work harder on that because according to Fuller (2004) “If you want your e-mail to be read, don’t make it too long” (p.41). Finally, I dislike when others are texting while they are talking...

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